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  1. Posted: April 25, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Baghdad (News) has authorized the State Council amended the Evidence Act, including amending the value of the dinar current. A statement issued by the Judicial Council has received Agency (news) copy of it: that the State Council decreed to grant the President of the Supreme Judicial Council the authority to amend the amounts set forth in the articles ( 77) and (78) and (79) of the Evidence Act No. (107) for the year 1979. The statement added: the fatwa (Islamic Legal Announcement) regarding GATT against the backdrop of request of the Minister of Justice opinion of the State Council on the basis of Article (9) of the Code of the State Council No. (65) for the year 1979 regarding the proposal received from the Bar Association to amend the amounts set forth in the articles (77) and (78 ) and (79) of the Evidence Act and making them (5000000) five million dinars instead of (5000) five thousand dinars. The statement pointed to the proposed Bar modify the value of the dinar due to changes in current economic conditions and inflation, the huge sum which, as well as a decline in the purchasing power of acute as they no longer value compared to value the former, but a penny and that many of the litigants in the courts suffer harm and injustice for not documenting their transactions and their actions legal, as the lessors for all real estate (except residential) are at the mercy of tenants currently. Reference: GATT is the General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trade LINK Does this mean RV is coming? Need some insight from the vets out there....
  2. Thank you for your post. It's nice to see a topic like this in the rumor forum. You seem to have very valid info without pumping or listing dates and rates. Thanks again!
  3. Happy Easter! No matter what you believe, believe in love and happiness! As we all wait for the RV find positivity in the small things and live each day as if it were your last. It is hard to focus on the important things in life when we become so distracted with what might be. It's hard to ride this roller coaster of ups and downs but never take for granted what you already have. I've struggled with these things myself but I have come to appreciate what I have much more than I did before I became invested in the dinar. Find something positive to focus on and the negative will fade away. Happy Easter! GO RV!!
  4. Why create a post to simply spread negativity? I'm sure you will read the responses to this topic and the objective was to simply get a rise out of everybody more than anything. We are all here to share our opinions and perspectives on the RV but why do it in such a condescending way?
  5. Hello all, I know I am still a newbie and I have been trying to lay low just doing research and keeping my eye out for news. I am not sure if this is a 100% legit site but I wanted to post this just to get opinions on it. I am not claiming to know date or rate and as of now I wanted to regard this as a rumor. This emiratesbank is stating 1USD to 9.25IQD from my understanding. If this is BS please do not hesitate to correct me. This is the most exciting thing I have seen so far and I am really hoping it is true. I am not trying to pump anyone up and I only hope the best for all in this investment. This is the link:
  6. I know I am a newbie and I may not know as much about this investment as most of the vets or gurus on here do but as I have been on this ride I have realized many things myself. Value what you have now, value your family and friends, value your job if you have one and if not the free time with family (even though this may be difficult with little money.) Value the little things in life, savoir moments of laughter and times when you forget about your problems. Enjoy whatever it is you have to eat that night (remembering that some have very little or nothing in their stomach.) Money is not everything and while it may help to solve some problems it does not resolve everything. Enjoy what you have now and the value of what is to come will be so much greater. No matter what you believe in, believe in value of life.
  7. I know I am a newbie but I sure do need something to keep my mind off of the RV! I hope you all enjoy the recipe. I figured we all needed a little something to distract us lol. These yummy sammies could also be used in a RV party! Garlic Bread Sammies These are perfect for a simple dinner or a party appetizer. They would be perfect for Superbowl or New Years parties! You can pretty much use any kind of cheese and you could even change up the meat. Very easy and super tasty! Ingredients: 1 loaf pre sliced garlic bread 1 pound sliced deli roast beef 1 medium onion 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper 2 tsp minced garlic 6-8 slices deli cheese ( I used chipolte cheddar but you can use pretty much any variety i.e. provolone, muenster, colby jack etc...) Directions: Preheat oven according to garlic bread directions. Bake the garlic bread for 5 minutes or until lightly brown. Spray non-stick skillet with pam (you can also use butter or oil but I use pam to cut calories.) Meanwhile tear roast beef into bite sized pieces and saute on medium heat and add onion, green bell pepper and minced garlic. Add preferred seasonings. Cook about 8 minutes or until beef is slightly browned and onions are tender. Place about 3 tbsps of the beef mixture on top of each piece of garlic bread. Place a slice of cheese on top of each "sammie". Place back in the oven at the garlic bread cooking temp for about 3 minutes or until cheese is slightly bubbly and browned. Enjoy!
  8. Why do they do this week after week? FRUSTRATING! I am a new member but I have been following DV for a few months now and I can't believe that this goes on every week. I need to learn my lesson and just stay in the news forum. I believe RV will happen and maybe soon but obviously these guys don't really have a clue. GO RV! (Patience is a virtue!)
  9. Hello! My fiance and I have been invested for a little over 6 months and I have been (lurking I admit it) on this site for awhile now and I finally decided it was time to just get registered. I find this forum to be the informative and I truly appreciate the time and hard work that goes into researching news articles on the RV. It has been a roller coaster ride within only the 6 months we have been invested, I cannot imagine those who have been in for 4+ years. I am really trying to do the best research that I can and stay well informed. I am hoping that becoming a member will only help me in this journey. GO RV!
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