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  1. What's the exchange rate of 'slaughtered jihadists' to 'successfully eradicated extremists?' If it's like the Dinar/Dollar ratio, 6 people died in the Jodanian airsrikes.....
  2. You seem to be fairly certain about future events....
  3. The video in the first post shows (in the foreground), an F-4 of some variety. It's a fighter we started using in the 1960s, and one we retired in 1996: Story If you see an F-4 flying today, it's on a very few things: -An aerial demonstration (privately owned, heritage flight, etc.) at an airshow - A remote control model - A full size, remote control drone, remotely piloted, used for targeting practice by our modern aircraft at Tyndall AFB, FL. You won't see one on a training mission over a populated area. Stop speculating, the video does not, cannot, show the recent F-18 crash in Virginia. Happy Easter from Iraq! gbosh
  4. Unless the Navy is flying F-4s again, and the apartment complex hit was in the middle of a field, I'd wager all my dinar that that video does NOT show what happened today. F-18 / Urban/Suburban area vs F-4 / rural area
  5. I can confirm both the restricted movement around Baghdad as well as the mobile phone communication restrictions mentioned in the article. As far as them having their stuff together, nothing could be further from the truth.....
  6. While you may have big bucks to spend, don't forget that to legally own some of the stuff listed here (20mm, mini-gun), as well as any of the REALLY fun stuff (full auto, suppressed, etc.), you re going to have to deal with Uncle Sam's Treasury department. After filling out the paperwork, you can expect to wait 4-6 months to have your $200 tax stamp approved (per weapon), just to be able to take possession of your new toy. I'd tell you to get started now, but you'll probably be required to actually BUY the firearm in question before starting the paperwork. Then WAIT WAIT WAIT. This doesn't apply to any of the semi auto or bolt action weapons discussed. As far as post RV purchases, I'm personally joining the .50 / 20mm / minigun club! gbosh
  7. Update: Before passing House Bill 85 by a voice vote on second reading, lawmakers struck out language directing the task force to study Wyoming instituting its own military draft, raising a standing army, and acquiring strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier. Read more: Bye bye WY Army, Air Force, and Navy!
  8. I think the OPs point (and prediction) was the NOTHING substantial is going to change between today and the end of the month.... I hope he's wrong, but that's my read on his post.... gbosh
  9. Incremental erosion/denial of liberty is a cornerstone of impending tyranny. Is it fear mongering? Ask the European Jews of the late 30s. The 'obligation' part of the Second Amendment is that every citizen is charged with vigilance and determination to secure and defend liberty. The 'right' is that only an armed citizenry is capable of defending liberty under the most dire circumstances and under the most extreme duress. While that 'right' need not be exercised on a daily basis in every venue, the penalty for failing the obligation of the Second Amendment is severe and examples of it litter history.
  10. LadyForex (sorry, NOT parmenio): It all boils down to this: The Second amendment isn't about hunting, wildlife control, or even domestic personal protection. It's primary purpose is to ensure a populace that remains armed as a deterrent to tyranny. Are there people who do horrible things with firearms? Sure. How about knives? Chainsaws? Trying to say 'semi-auto' firearms are any more deadly than a precise application of a shotgun or single shot rifle is nonsense. And as far as defending your home, in many states the 'Castle Doctrine' allows individuals to defend themselves in their own home without fear of recourse, even in the event of the death of the intruder. And the law doesn't care if the intruder was 'handled' with a bat, axe, shotgun, rifle or pistol. And those 'arsenals' you mention. How many homes in America have what the liberal media might consider an arsenal. What is an arsenal? 2 Guns? Five? How many rounds of ammunition do you consider reasonable for a law abiding citizen to own? And if you have an answer, why did you pick that number? Emotion, or a statistic based on actual crimes (as opposed to the 'crimes' that might have been committed with that basement arsenal)? To answer the question in the fist sentence of this paragraph, probably more than you care to imagine. Know why you haven't heard about them? The law abiding Americans that own them AREN'T CRIMINALS! Don't fear ANY gun. Fear the person/group/organization that wants to 'relieve you of the responsibility' of OWNING one.... Now, has the RV happened yet? ETA: "It's one of the few things after having lived here most of my adult life, that I still don't understand...the lack of thinking about the community and the effect of one person's "rights" on it." How does my exercise and support of the second amendment adversely affect my community? As long as I am a law-abiding citizen, the community is better off having armed citizens to deter not only tyranny, but the local thugs who will have to think twice about their potential victims being armed.....
  11. If you like a good compact .308, and if you can find one, check out the KelTec RFB. I've got one, it takes the metric FAL mags (cheap), and is a great host to my 7.62 can. A great alternative to the tricked out and heavily modded M14. Not to suggest that the M14 is inferior in any way, the RFB is just a new path to the same location. I prefer it over my AR-10. Then there's the KSG which -should- be out in 2012, if it ever makes it to market. Shoot straight!
  12. Concur. Is that a .308 in your Avatar pic? Piston? I'm a big fan of FDE on black myself....
  13. This story has been around for about a year and a half.... Snopes says it's false: Here Now back to the normal Dinar related hand-wringing...... FWIW, I have both small arms AND Dinar.....
  14. Sorry, but I had to stop reading after this.... I couldn't get the image of a hyperactive legless chicken out of my head!
  15. WRT 50k notes/coins, I'm just going to file it with all the OTHER articles that insist that Iraq is 'raising' or 'deleting' the zeros from their currency. No one here REALLY knows what they are going to do. It's all smoke and mirrors until the RV occurs.
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