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  1. Agree, I had an issue with DinarBanker and the reps were totally unprofessional and rather lazy to be more polite. I have purchased from them numerous times over the past few years. My advice to you is to contact the Senior Manager Ms. Hopper at Dinar Banker. She fixed the problem immediately!! Escalate Call: 404.991.5749
  2. Randalln, Thanks for the update and info..--)) Our time is coming and one must be patient for this is about to "Pop" GO RV!! Help Others That Need Our Help!! Gotta Believe..--)))
  3. Who knows Ali may just want to get back in the "Game" prior to the Big Announcement and reach out to his former customers to gain their business back Post-RV. Luigi1, We appreciate the update from your "Boots on the Ground" contacts. Time will reveal all we need to know..--))) GO RV!!
  4. We can only hope something positive comes out of this tight security the GOI have imposed over the next week or so. Either now or sometimes in the future this ride is about to get very interesting for all of us....Patience is the key..--))) GO RV!!!! "Gotta Believe"
  5. Great Post, We just got to be patient and allow our dreams to become reality.....The RV is coming right at us and yes I believe it is sooner than later...--))) Shabibi, Do your best to help the Iraqi people have a fresh new start because it is long overdue...............4 Sure!! "Gotta Believe"
  6. "Keep hope alive" Here is the email correspondence from Ali, Dinartrade for all to see..--))) Subject: Iraqi Dinar News and Updates Dear Valued Customers and Friends, *****We would like to thank you for your patience during this exciting time, as we are gearing up to bring new changes in the market. In the mean time, kindly join us on Facebook and Twitter for daily live updates on: • The current Iraqi Dinar rate • Up to date and transparent news • Debunking of false rumors <> <> We welcome all questions regarding the above matters and will attempt to personally answer as many as we can. We thank you for your consistent support, loyalty, and patronage during our transition. Sincerely, Ali and the Dinar Trade Staff
  7. Negative & Incorrect assumption, I received the email at approximately Fri 3/23/2012 2:00 AM Kabul, Afghan Local time. No need to add drama to the RV ride just for the hell of it...--)))
  8. Email I received from Ali Dinartrade Tonight: Dear Valued Customers and Friends, We would like to thank you for your patience during this exciting time, as we are gearing up to bring new changes in the market. Dinartrade Message Boards Reads the following: "Dinar Trade Inc. is currently undergoing some major changes never before seen in the market. Soon we will be offering new options for your current and future Iraqi Dinar holdings, along with other investment opportunities in Iraq. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their blessings and support during this major transition. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future" Message Board also states the following: "Dinar Trade is not buying or selling currency at this time" **We are moving towards the end of this journey and I smell something good is on the way....RV..--)) Gotta Believe..--))
  9. The Courage of Rep Allen West to speak out respresents the truth at the core of what our soldiers have done past, present & the future. Our soldiers provide "Freedoms" for our citizens and others throughout the world to enjoy daily without any notion of how those freedoms came about. The media is so full of horse crap and our politicians continue to give in to this without a clue because the majority of them have never ever served this country. The "Big Picutre" is the reality of War and many people will never be able to understand no matter how much you drill and drill into their minds. The ultimate "Sacrifice" of our women and men serving is the "Big Picture" so we just need to think for a moment and understand that because in the end that is what matters when we speak of "Freedom" for all to enjoy throughout the days we live. As stated by Rep West Article 15(Non-judicial punishment) will suffice and then we need to move on with bigger issues that face our nation. Enough said!! Retired...Still Serving!!
  10. Once the IQD is an international recognized currency, There will be a few International Banks for example HSBC/UBS that will allow you to have IQD account, dollar account & euro account in electronic form. This will allow you to electronically move your money to various accounts if the rate changes on either of the currencies that you may hold at the bank. There will be no need to have physical currency in your possession. I am only speaking of the banks located outside the U.S.A. for example Switzerland. My two cents provided GO RV!!!!!!
  11. I have also been a Platinum VIP Lifetime member for a few months and do not see my info listed as well Disregard, I am good now..--))
  12. Dogmatic1, We all appreciate you posting Scooter's chat and we all will be very blessed when this journey is over........We all must remember the brave American Soldiers who made all of this investment possible. Make sure we support and give back to our country and make sure these Brave Men & Women know that we will stand with them when they need us the most. Please PouritForward and continue to help our Soldiers and their Family Members when this War has ended because they will need our support for many years to come. Our freedom is because of the many Brave Men and Women that have sacrificed their lives serving this country. May we never forget how this investment opportunity started some years ago......."American Soldier" Tigergorzow (RET, USA)
  13. DCupp, Your decision to make and yours to live with whether it RV's or not. It seems to me that you know exactly what you are doing so good luck with your new journey.
  14. Ron, Totally agree with your assessment concerning this issue. I must admit that the maturity of any person is solely based on the sincerity that person may have for others opinions shared on this forum concerning the IQD and its potential. We must learn to live and respect each and everyone gift of sharing whatever they may choose to offer whether we agree or disagree. I have personally learned so much from this site and the hosts of people who have taken time to contribute so that we all have some food for thought about our investment as well as the true lessons of life. Good Luck to us All..--))) May we continue to share information unselfishly Tigergorzow "The World"
  15. Yes, We are truly hoping that this announcement will shed some light on the future of Iraq's Democracy. The people of Iraq deserve this long awaited overdue drawn out news that the GOI will present on Friday 14 May, 2010...--))) Go RV!!!
  16. Yes, We all must rememeber our humble beginnings. Count me in..--)))
  17. Legalking, We look forward to work with you Post-RV. Thanks
  18. DaisyRN, We will keep you in our prayers and God will always be there for you and your family
  19. Frank, Our prayers will continue for your Father because God will always be there for his children. God will never forsake us......Believe In Him
  20. Thanks to Sonny1 and Dinarded for all the great intel and education given to all of us. This has truly been a **** of a ride!!
  21. Steve, We truly appreciate your expertise concerning the latest information on the RV logic vice the LOP. Patience will answer all of our questions in the near future..--)))
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