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  1. "Heck,,,, I dont know for sure but I think our fearless leader has bailed out of this ride. I think he made enough from VIP." Have you noticed other gurus are no longer discussing iqd? Frank26, Jim George and Adam Montana, but then we have Mr. Brando and vital Brad have returned.. 🤷
  2. I think it's pretty clear the USD is going to tank at some point relatively soon. The exchange rate could be much higher if you time it right..
  3. No, I think it will happen before that but who knows...
  4. It is a Tuesday..Its a sign that we will definitely get the rv/RI on Tuesday 2/22/22 😎
  5. I've never seen him as a guru either but I have watched his videos for years. He disappeared for a while though.
  6. Ron, nice find with vital brads video. Have you been able to find the CBI article?
  7. He shows the article on the CBI website in his video on YouTube. This is the video I was discussing in the rumor section. "Did the CBI give us a date.
  8. I did see that article. Could be related.. I tried to find the article on CBI website but wasn't able to. I'll try again in a bit.
  9. Was that a predicted date in the past?
  10. I'm not able to promote this person's YouTube channel so I won't. He disappeared for a while and I just ran across a vital video he made. He reads a very recent CBI article from CBI website and in the article it talks about foreign exchange regulations beginning October 17th. He is convinced that is when IQD goes international.. Anyone else watch the video? What are your thoughts?
  11. REER is the real effective exchange rate (a measure of the value of a currency against a weighted average of several foreign currencies) divided by a price deflator or index of costs.
  12. Good acting isn't it?? Arthur Roberts? James Woods? Someone is playing that part very well..
  13. I received it from a person that worked directly with Sidney Powell. I trust my source.
  14. It is tough regardless of what side we are on.. antidepressants might be a great short term play but if my research is correct, there are great cures coming out that have been suppressed..
  15. I know Sidney Powell has more than enough evidence to prove her case. She will use it at the right time, until then we will disagree.
  16. Why don't you call some of the legislators listed and see if it's legit?
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