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  1. The new Chinese Silk Road has facilitated China’s political domination of African countries and consolidated its influence over multilateral organizations I'M SURE THERE WAS A MEMBER WHO WOULDS SPEAK OF THE NEW SILK ROAD. Synopsis ??
  2. £1.50 a litre on our mid sized island on west coast of Scotland.. So 6-7 bucks a gallon.. Crazy that we actually have fricken Oil fields and pay £6 uk a gallon..Cant't wait for this **** show to be over. Nearly 17 years Waiting Anticipating but mostly commiserating .lol
  3. Trump likens himself to Martin Luther King Jr while boasting about low black unemployment | The Independent
  4. 100 years !!! .Try less than a decade. To be honest they could do it much much sooner. As for The Don being the one to front or start this digital phase you could be correct as he is mentioned in Fritz Springmier and Cisco Wheelers ASTONISHING Book. How to create an undetectable illuminati mind control slave. I urge everyone to read as it shows you how elites run planets/plantations.
  5. Also found this.
  6. Wasn't there some speculation on that several months ago?
  7. Could Shabbi be in with a chance or is he out of the picture?
  8. Do you think they could remove the 3 zero's BUT still keep the 1000 dinar note in circulation ?
  9. You can still buy 500k dinar for 600 dollars on ebay ?
  10. Also 16 years into the 15 year plan for Iraq..lmao It will happen this year imho. I,m wondering if the upcoming Brexit has any bearing on this event.?
  11. That's the One Fancy.. Thanks.
  12. Thanks HCR Yeah I,m sure I saw the article here. Maybe in DT.s Spiked Java thread.
  13. All these articles about minting coins..Did we not just read earlier they minted them about 5 years ago ?
  14. Right. I have lost Family Friends and Pets since I became embroiled in this bag of snakes. But the thing that keeps me going was One day not long after purchasing my first Iraq Dinar lottery tickets I took this close up photo of the licence plate on the tractor on the 25K NOTE. I immediately seen the word WIN contained within the lowest rung of the Elites pyramid and knew this was a winner. I had already seen the Plan for Iraq and knew this was a Looooong Term Punt. Now despite everything here I \We\You are. Some thought the Image was as Super Secrete Code .. I now think they\I was right.
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