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  1. Or maybe, the RV is the event that triggers the process of the economic recovery
  2. My guess on the rate is .83¢ I don’t have a guess on the date, but I’m really hoping it’s the first quarter this year.
  3. I think you and I are watching the same tv shows! 😆👍🏻 Here’s hoping!
  4. Except for Maliki. He’s a baddie, he’s always been a baddie, and will continue to be a baddie unless somebody stops him …. 🥔
  5. 😱 that’s a lot of drama on day one … Unlike “subjected to a beating” was meant figuratively and not literally.
  6. If the dinar goes international, I imagine it would naturally rise in value even without an official rate change by the CBI. However, I’m really hoping for a jump start by the CBI …
  7. And a very good afternoon to you yota! Thanks again for for all the news!
  8. I only thought as far as being able to have air conditioning in the 100°+ weather 😁 But yeah, internet, cell phones, and all the crazy things teens are going to be exposed to… 😱
  9. I don’t recall many (if any) postponements since Kazemi took over. I’m hoping they’re a thing of the past …
  10. I’m guessing that if he’s right he’ll be able to afford his own new couch 😆
  11. Wow. I just can’t imagine not having electricity in 2022. Life changing for these people. 💡
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