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  1. I remember a while back about dinar tied to 5 currencies. Irag iran were like ying and yang. India vietnam and another country i don't recall. Rupies just climbed after there currency cleanup last yr. So i dont see them rving again. If this is rumors i apologize. Been reading in shadows for yrrrrs now.
  2. Jake21 idk if your a newbie but they keep on putting out smoke. It happens multiple times a yr for many years. If your not in it for the future. Sell now and get out of the game. When it happens it will happen.
  3. Thanks master Yota. Looking real good. Maybe Saint Nickolas will give all of us a great present this yr.
  4. Do i see them getting dinar not dollars. Thx master yota
  5. Sandrider hold on to the currency you have. Treat it like a 401k or retirement saving. Patients is in everything. You wouldnt receive this much in us stock exchange. My old major in the 90s lead me on this path. Its been good. Ive only a dozen or so over the past 20 yrs. Told them to do there own research like i have. Dont follow rumors it will drive you crazy. Some on other guru sites predict whats coming and its always next wk. Follow the politics. The news sources are smoke. I have stayed quiet for my of yrs just reading and learning. What ever you do don't sell. If you do you will regret it. Put it away. Put it in glass jars in the ground. It will come around. It has to. When it does i would buy gold and silver since usd will drop with the global reset. Good luck and god bless
  6. Worked out very well blue but hate to say with some bad investments its all gone. When this bucket of countries goes through im buying gold and silver. And my business partner and i will be building a church and school in Belize
  7. Barbara you might find this to be difficult. You might see if some coin collectors have any to sell. The banks atleast down here in florida have stopped exchanging the exotics. Just be careful buying on ebay. You never know what you will get. Take a vaca. Get it like some of us did. Like how i got the kwd back in the 90's. Good luck be safe. And don't forget god bless
  8. Barry they have the dinar. They are just holding on to there currency just like we are. Waiting for that day.
  9. Im not an accountant but when a number is in ( ) meaning a negative amount.
  10. I would take the rate. For the date it's been next Sunday for the past three years. Thanks Master Yota always great news
  11. Finally after all these years the turtle is finally in the lead. Rv here we come. Thank you
  12. Master Yota please explain. Looks good seeing dinar instead of dollars.
  13. So this article looks old 25 Oct 2016. But seems Iraq is moving faster than the one legged turtle these days.
  14. I've been in this mad house since 2012. Reading and learning from the master yota. Hopefully it's coming to an end of this long journey.
  15. ok quick question what happens to our paper currency if this goes thru. would they allow a grace period to convert to the new. Been in the long haul since 2011 and just learning more and more each day. thanks
  16. I have sat back in the shadows reading, learning, and pulling my hair out since 2012. I know so many people have been in a lot longer than me. BUT it always seem to be next month. they move at a snails pace in the sand box but lets get it done so I can enjoy some of this dinar before I'm six feet under.
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