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  1. I was pretty sure what we had was still good - not having seen any sign of widespread panic that would have occurred if our currency was being replaced. Thank you kindly for clarifying. I haven't been paying much attention as of late and when I saw Adams statement about notes - did a double-take.
  2. Not sure I understand this statement. I do hope these new notes mentioned are the stuff we have been purchasing over the past few years - not something new ? Thanks for clarifying
  3. Guess now a good time to replenish my VND. Thanks for the post
  4. I appreciate your response. I was getting worried for a while.
  5. Adam Are both of these versions of the dinar OK to have? They were issued in different years with different security features. One difference I see is the agricultural scene. Do we have to have the 2018 version with the person waving or is the earlier version - which is what I have - with the person holding reeds good as well? Thanks John versions - 2015 - have a different agricultural
  6. sounds like we are actually pretty close if we can get the NSA and other meddlers out of the picture - good news could be expected soon
  7. Seems to be the train of thought. Nobody has a firm feeling one way or another re Dong these days. May liquidate and invest in AI or pot Thanks John
  8. OK - so what's the latest expectation with the Dong? It's now Oct 2018. Is it worth hanging on to - or better to sell it back to the bank for what you can get for it
  9. I thought I would just sell it back to to the bank we bought it from minus the typical exchange rate loss
  10. Adam Now that new leaders have apparently been chosen in Iraq - perhaps we will see some actual movement with the Dinar - soon My question pertains to the Vietnamese Dong. What do you see happening with it? Still worth keeping or should it be sold and more Dinar purchased? I know it floats with the US Dollar, so the question is - will that relationship ever really amount to anything even akin to what a Dinar RV would? I did look in the forum area - not much at all re other currencies these days. Thanks John
  11. Reckon it may be time to get out the list of stuff to do and have ready for an RV especially if you plan to travel to exchange. IE - letters from bankers, utility receipts - etc
  12. After sitting through far too many military briefings - I realize the "briefing" concept is a recapture and covering of thoughts relating to a topic. Depending on the info covered - there are short and long briefs. Time is relative. Personally - I find MG's coverage of topics to be interesting and well thought out - I look forward to them
  13. It would seem to me that if the loans came in the form of dollars, yuan or an EU currency - with the dinar so devalued, Iraq would be able to purchase and hire more as opposed to a higher valued dinar. Basically. it would make sense for them to leave the dinar at it's current value for in-country infrastructure projects - get more bang for the buck. I do hope I am wrong, because if this is their train of thought then it might be a long time until an RV occurs. Thoughts??
  14. Problem is - with all that cash out of the country - shall we expect the Iraqi govt to just say - we are going to issue a different currency in order not to have such large losses. Now if that happens - where does that leave all of us - with the currency we bought in good faith?
  15. No idea who Bruce is - but he is consistent - wrong all the time. He needs to find a hobby or something - and stop with speculating with dates.
  16. I do wish people would stop saying/ writing - "any minute" or "based on my intel source"- the universe wide rv will happen by X date. It's a waste of time reading them - only to see such proclamations that never come close to being accurate. If this ever revalues - it will be a spur of the moment kind of thing as others have said. At this point - I skip by articles by most of these people since they apparently write just to be noticed - which is very sad. From what I can tell - we are neither closer nor farther away from an rv than we were months ago. I just wish some count
  17. Makes one wonder if the Iraqi's are even capable of self government. Sort of applies to many Middle eastern govts. We are watching an exercise in graft and out and out thievery. Believe it is time for the citizens to storm the GZ and route the whole bunch. It would be nice to see the RV sometime in the next 5 years.
  18. Having spent time over there - I can say, they do like days off. Seeing how they operate at breakneck sped the rest of the time - heck, it's deserved. They do have a martyr for every day of the year - but don't give them any ideas. Probably jump at the chance to become democrats
  19. This is a great place to get some thoughtful comments/ discussion re what is happening and what is likely to happen. The only other person I find interesting is Mt Goat. Saying that - I haven't heard or seen any of her posts lately. Anyone know what's up Thanks
  20. I'd fly over - predawn - and spray the city with sleeping gas. Hopefully none of the elderly or very young would be adversely affected. Would make clean up pretty easy with lower loss of lives. With everyone snoozing - will make looking for booby-traps a tad less distracting. Once complete - turn over all rounded-up daesh to the Iraq Army for disposition - which probably would entail a short hike out into the local desert to some previously dug pits..
  21. OK - thanks. Had planned to just stick with Dinar and Dong - almost glad there isn't another that needs to be considered
  22. I have been hearing that the Afghani is now a currency of interest. Anyone know if it is as good as the Dinar or Dong?
  23. I agree with you Indy. I like listening to Tony and DC. They have never said it will occur on a certain date. Their calls fill in a lot of what is going on in the world - which is interesting. I don't open this site daily but when I do - I'd like to see something intelligently presented. It's apparent that many folks here have little to occupy themselves with. Rather than drag complaints on and on and on - post something that warrants reading.
  24. Coming hours is more optimistic than coming days - - but remember this is all on Iraq time - which is subjective at best. I believe it refers to their intention as opposed to an actual clock
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