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  1. Hope and Dream OPEC. By 2040 the dependence on oil will be far less. No matter what you wish.
  2. Excellent Snow. You know I love a Rumor as much as anyone but some of these have no shred of truth or believeability in it at all. ru·mor /ˈro͞omər/ noun 1.a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth"they were investigating rumors of a massacre"synonyms:gossip, hearsay, talk, tittle-tattle, speculation, word, reports, stories,whispers, canards, grapevine, word on the street, buzz, dirt, scuttlebutt,loose lips verb circulated as an unverified account"it's rumored that he lives on a houseboat" Perhaps we should consider a "LUCK" forum instead. luck /lək/ noun 1.success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions"it was just luck that the first kick went in"synonyms:success, prosperity, good fortune, good luckantonyms:failure, misfortune verb 1.chance to find or acquire"he lucked into a disc-jockey job" Merry Christmas Snow.
  3. We maybe if you accumulate a certain number of negatives for what you post, you get placed in the "Dark and Dank Rumor Tank" much like our lobster tank.
  4. To our web designer, admin and mods. I find that calkid11 and Sandfly rarely have any input to a post other than thank you. I value tapping the "What's New Button" and quickly see who has responded to a particular post and or posts. Then I can open the post with the "X" and view the latest input to the post without reloading the entire page. My request is that we add a thank you button to the agree/disagree icons that would simply acknowledge a thank you. I thought that was the purpose of the agree/disagree icons. Speaking of which, Why is there a limit per day with the +/- icons? One last thing, I don't value the posts brought over by Luigi but I do value the rumor forum. I have blocked this member under my profile. Would it be possible in the "Block Member" routine under profile to add a flag to not display any topic in any forum from a blocked member? It already will block or mask the original post but it still shows the title of the post and the responses from other members. Thank you, djgabrielie
  5. Dear United States, Please do a better job fighting the war for us. Thank You, Iraq
  6. Gee I wonder? Come on guys, how hard is it to figure out? And by the time you do figure it out, you will have lost another 8 Trillion. You don't take action anyway. So go on and waste your time forming yet another committee and let the corrupt politician steal more and more funds.
  7. "What is the Internet" for 1000 Alex! Let the flood gates open. I wonder who is going to process all those complaints? They will probably use: Filter By. lol
  8. I'll bet the 13 members of OPEC are hoping for prices to go back up not just Iraq.
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