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  1. any monies smuggled after 2003 ,,,,,,Maliki should be sitting right on top of that cow dab.
  2. that was not that long ago,,4 or 5 months,,,,then keyword came out a few weeks later and stated the deletions of zeros project was temporily postponed.....................maybe now is time to restart that postponement...............NO FLOAT..........those are fighting words for KAPERONI.
  3. I'm tired of reading....can someone just let me know when I'm rich. thanks, Chinadawg
  4. No need to fear Maliki....his puppet master obommer is now as powerless as he.
  5. I just gotta ask...where is all those OBOMMA LOVERS that use to be on here ????....clearly U can see he was as big of an clown as Maliki was for the past 8 years.
  6. while ya at it,,,go ahead and send Maliki's stolen funds back also.
  7. Hang him by his balls upside down dangling from a power pole and pray he lives at least a week.
  8. I like MR S,,,but he better get use to the idea that the U.S.A. will be hanging around for a very long time..........................but, Iran needs and some others need to go.
  9. No disappointment here, I don't care if it comes out at a will not stay there very long......we just need it out the starting gate.
  10. But if you do slip into Iraq and happen to come into contact with any parliment member....please be advised to KEEP BOTH HANDS ON YOUR WALLETS !!!!
  11. no wonder this (keywords) CBI gov. has been in no hurry to see any value added to the dinar,,,,that bassturd has been in on the gig since day one, ,,,,special place in HELL awaits these SCUMBAGS.
  12. Well i guess the only clean one is the OLE COL. SANDERS look alike president,,,and maybe Allawi.
  13. If this is true...when you think of all the loans these jackasses have taken to keep the country afloat while they themselves have raped this country dry,,,,,what a shame !!
  14. well maybe now that all of these crooks will have much lighter pocket books....we may see them swiftly accelerate the RV.
  15. although there fingers were can't be just a little bit pregnant.
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