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  1. A brighter outcome. Maliki has no chance if parliment set tomorrow. Maliki has session stalled till aug 12 MALIKI RV"S THE CURRENCY THIS WEEK. Maliki calls for a special session. The budget is passed. Hcl in enacted. The fighting stops. the Kurds are Happy. the sunnis are happy. the Iraqi people has a pocket full of money. Maliki is the hero. Maliki is named PM for a 3rd term on aug 12th. ........I know, just a pipe dream.
  2. as Elvis would have said........................little less conversation and a little more action !!!!!!
  3. One thing for sure, Tony is great at "POSTPONEMENT" .....Iraq could use him in the new government.
  4. I call this a well orchestrated broadway theatrical...............we should be in the bank in july.
  5. with as many nations watching and pushing this thing, I do not think kicking the can down the road is going to work for them any longer.
  6. why ???? do they not know the sky is falling and world is coming to an end ?........Hmmmm, they must have missed the memo.
  7. No offense taken..............but one thing about Phoenix that I like, in the last year I have listened to him he has not been a call the RV guru type everyday or every week, actually i remember him saying back in Dec/Jan when others were calling the RV he was very much laid back and said we would not be seeing anything before may/june to get excited about.......he does not just spew from the mouth he seems to have some reasoning behind his statements, as for as folks changing there minds from a RV to FLOAT ? MANY HAVE DONE THAT, HE IS NOT ALONE, JUST SAYING HE IS MUCH MORE INFORMATIVE THAN AN OAKIE OR A TONY.
  9. OK, i WILL CALL IT.......BETWEEN 5PM JUNE 30TH AND 9AM JULY 1ST...........usa central time............. :tiphat: :tiphat:
  10. Call me crazy.,,but,....... i"am starting to believe Phoenix might have nailed this thing !
  11. I think that article was talking about a complete infastructure completion in 2015...not the start of monetory reform........look for the money machine to crank up within days....just MHO.
  12. How could there be 500 billion in that bank when only a month or so ago they did not have enough currency to pay the workers ??? something missing about this whole trumped up bank robbery .
  13. Any kind a start is a good start.........just get the party started !!! :backflip: :backflip:
  14. Immediate release could not copy and paste, but you can go to click on briefing room, then statements and releases.
  15. I was thinking the new dinars would be out right before any RV,................. If this is true, then this is good news, correct me if Im wrong.
  16. No worries, this thing is extremely close.....I just read where poofness was talking about FLYING PURPLE PIGS !! :partyhat:
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