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  1. Well said, I remember Ol'Sarge from way back in the day!! I can't believe he has been gone 4ish years already!! Ol'Sarges gals are definitely feisty and have fit nicely into our DV family IMO Bump
  2. Hey Captain, check out this thread Be sure not to post any personal info, just take a pic of your dinar next to your user name here at DV (Screen shot) and that will work for us!! Welcome to DV!!
  3. Maybe we should all hit up his Facebook page and really plant the seeds of how Iraq people would be so much better off if they would raise the value of their currency ASAP to say 1:1 with the US dollar!!!!!! Just thinking out loud here as he was asking for suggestions!!!! Thanks Yota
  4. Happy Thanksgiving all, I agree with kcw words of wisdom and I also think something bad is in the works with China. Be ready for anything!!
  5. Thank You, all is well in Bumper-land I am still on here everyday but haven't been staying on quite as long as normal due to a new girlfriend plus taking care of some medical stuff trying to get my health better! If you ever need me just send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP!! :) Come On RV!!!!!
  6. Thanks Adam Great news, sure hoping for a RV SOON!!!!
  7. WOW!! Thank you for such kind words my friend and I hope SOME day I can meet you in person and shake you hand. I'm glad that things changed like they did as I enjoy reading your post and by that I have really learned that you are a really good person with a big loving heart.
  8. If the world was filled with people like you two this world would be a much better place to live in!! There are SO MANY loving and good people on this site that it gives me hope for the future of our children
  9. I agree!! I'm still here everyday, just been tying to get some health issues worked out plus I picked myself up 2 new hobbies (until hunting season haha) airbushing and RC trucks!! Lots of fun and help me keep my mind off of my other issues LOL Plus, with the GREAT group of MODS we have here today I don't have to spend as much time as I use to as they really kick butt in the forums and chat so I don't stay on all day and night like i USE too~!~!
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