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  1. Well, it's Thursday, and I only heard from about five DV members on their deep down true beliefs about this RV thing. That isn't very many posts. Either nobody reads the lobster pit anymore ( could be true) or its a dumb question I asked ( may be true), or dinarians are reluctant to discuss their thoughts for fear of being ostracized ( probably true). Come on, most of you have been in this thing for YEARS. Things over there have changed dramatically in the last four years. Those factors have had a significant impact on the fiscal solvency of the CBI and it's ability to make any kind of ambitious move with the dinar value. These negative factors have got to have had a sobering effect on your thinking about this. Where do you all stand?
  2. Well, I started this thread to try and gin up some interesting debate. Seems like other than caz, shabs, and me, nobodys home today. Probably all out working. That's good. I need lots of you folks working to keep my social security checks coming in on time. Maybe after work people will click on this marvelous thread I've started, and give their two cents worth. Maybe not. I have been wrong back in 2012.
  3. Well, I got into it to make a killing, as was virtually promised by everybody touting the huge RV. I don't think anyone back in 2011 was buying dinar to make a marginal profit of say 10% increase. We were all chasing the dream of a 100,000% Rv, going from 1162, to 1 to 1. Now that that is , shall we say, "diminished" in luster, do people still believe in making huge gains or only say 10% over the next several years?
  4. My topic for today's debate is honest. It is not meant to anger, frustrate, or humiliate anyone. I do not want to be gnawed on, ridiculed, spit at, or slammed as a "lobster". I am simply asking for posters to reflect inwardly, and give me their honest beliefs. Everyone is different on the sliding scale of this possibility of becoming an overnight millionaire. Six years ago, I was convinced it would "pop" any day. Now, I have sold off 75% of my dinar because of changes in that belief. We are all different. We will have "newbies" who will have just got into this thing. They will sound like me six years ago. And we will have "veterans" who have weathered the avalanche of guru lies and RV calls for 6-7 long empty years and through their own information searches have become quite skeptical, but still hold on. Please be polite in your responses. I'm looking for truth not punishment. Hopefully that will leave out certain posters who love to ridicule. Everyone's answer is good for them. Noone 's answer is bad. This should be an interesting cross section of the dinarian community's beliefs. I am asking that the "pitbulls " on both sides of this question refain from hijacking the thread with stupid insults. P.S. When you give your position please give an explaination for the position you're taking. You already know where I stand if you visit the "pot". Let's hear it, dinarians.
  5. Now FR, don't pick on caz's dietary habits. We all know why caz does what he does. I'm quite sure there's a profit margin in there somewhere. He's just too hostile of any contrary philosophy. If you aren't following in single file chanting "Go RV", then ole Caz must (by contract probably) step in and belittle, criticize, and ridicule that poor fella. It's all part of keeping the dinar money flowing. But there's no secret to this. We've known caz was probably employed to some degree in the business. It ain't against the law, I guess, but it is underhanded, in my opinion of course.
  6. The CBI simply cannot redeem 35 Trillion out of country dinar at any revalue amount. They cannot do this, and they will not do this. I think the CBI is quite willing, however, to maintain the peg at or near 1182 for as long as possible. It maintains some regularity in the marketplace and it keeps the people from rioting. Maintaining a healthy dose of dollars in the hands of iraqis is also calming. I am afraid that the majority of out of country dinar holders will see Jesus face to face way before there is any kind of RV. The dinar "speculation craze" of 2011 will go down in history as a near perfect storm of intriguing theory, mixed with small doses of real monetary facts, and then liberally coated, boxed and sold to a public that had no earthly idea how the world financial system actually works. I was one of those. I am unusual in the fact that I admit it. Remember the old saying, "the emperor wears no clothes". It applies to us dinar speculators.
  7. I'm afraid to ask what you think they're worth. Whatever it is I 'm sure that you have bullt in your shill-like commission fee. Buying dinar at this moment in time would be the equivalent to playing Russian roulette with only one EMPTY chamber. Virtually a sure bet to lose your money. It's nasty over there no matter what the shills want us to believe in their daily dosing of RV pablum. People are selling right and left. I will probably be the last man on the titanic, but that's because I've already sold 75% of mine so I feel okay now. If I was holding 10-50 million dinar right now, I 'd be sick to my stomach everyday. Unless that is, I was Trump, and had 10 billion good old US dollars in the bank. Here's a new dinar mantra: "Reduce your exposure, and see how good it feels". I'm making a killing off of that bumper sticker slogan.
  8. Caz, If you check back about three months ago, you very clearly said you'd buy my remaining dinar. Once a welcher always a welcher. Besides, I don't put dinars in the mail. My buddy did and he can't get them back from blaino. I'm quite sure if I mailed mine to you I could pretty much ķiss them goodbye. As a shill-like individual, you have no credibility, except to your boss, of course. You have done an excellent job keeping the flock marching into the sunset of "where's that RV?" mantra. Yep, your boss should be very satisfied with your job performance.
  9. What would caz do without pampers? He'd have to flee the country!
  10. So.........what's the point being made here? We know the reserves are way down, we know the IMF has extended "life ring " loans to Baghdad, we know the market value of the dinar is in the mid 1200's, and we know the CBI officially inflated the dinar peg to 1182 from 1166. That's the wrong way, folks. And we know the M2 is around 85 TRILLION dinar. And please people, when you read the CBI charts, please remember that the numbers listed in millions, such as out of country dinars at 35 million, have a multiplier is in parentheses (millions). That means you have to multiply the number given by a factor of 1,000,000. That gives you TRILLIONS. Iraq has some 85 TRILLION dinar in all accountable forms, out there. And every one carries the same value. Any revalue, devalue or reinstatement of the dinar affects all 85 TRILLION dinars exactly the same. That's the facts, folks.
  11. I have to Agee with you, Rock. I am not optimistic about making any gains on the dinar. In fact, based on my friend's experience with trying to get his dinars back from blaino's another site ( which he hasn't been able to), I am fearing a total bust on this thing. The dinar may not be a scam, but everything about it, all the hype, all the lies, all the mistruths, all the pumpers and shill-like people pumping for dinar sellers, ARE the scam. 800 numbers, NDA's, plans like blaino's which promise higher returns, all the WF stories, gurus in jail, gurus in Bavaria (gag), gurus pumping for dinar websites, they are all built on a complete impossibility. So why do I still hold 1.5 mil? Pure stubborness on my part. Plus caz promised to buy them from me for $900 a mil.
  12. Stay in the fight, Shabs. As the old saying goes, "God made whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world".
  13. Kevin, shab's reference to Black Velvet is his way of daily reminding himself to stay away from whiskey, which he has probably had to battle earlier in his life. I respect shabs tremendously for that. Shows character. Yes, shabs and caz are the quintessential pit bulls of the DV site, especially in the lobster pit. I don't think either of them ACTUALLY believe in the big 2011 millionaire making 100,000% overnight, e-mail ringing RV baloney that sucked so many millions of us into this thing. Both shabs and caz are pragmatic on that point t. So, for me, the great mystery is why they both continue to deride, ridicule, and name-call everyone, or anyone, who presents a valid alternative to the big scam of 2011. They are both articulate and funny ( to a limited degree), and both have very little to present except sarcastic postings, so why do they do it. They seem to feed off each other, and enjoy each others company, often posting together against any lobster posting. So what's their angle? Got me. I have serious reservations about caz's motives, as he/she is the most shill-like of the two, and the most vitriolic. There has been virtually no change in the tenor of caz's anti-lobster postings for YEARS. Shabs can be more entertaining, but remains firmly in the anti-lobster camp. Peace to both of them. Antietam.
  14. Tlar's last sentence, in his rambling discourse, was all you have to know, because his last sentence is in gross error. He said non-circulating dinar won't affect the value because only "circulating dinar in iraq" is important. Wrong answer, amigo. ALL dinar, circulating, non-circulating ( stuffed in your sock drawer), electronic (Warka, ISX), or in any other form, ALL count towards a revalue consideration by the CBI.. The CBI is responsible for ALL dinar, no matter where or how they are constituted. This is why there is a great false teaching about this by the gurus. They know that a revalue will affect every dinar EXACTLY THE SAME. It is also why I believe the CBI, if they ever do change the dinar rate, will do it through a complete redenomination, and will not honor bills held outside the sovereign borders of iraq. Just like they did in 2003. Now I hope I'M wrong about this, because I'd hate to flush my last 1.5 mil, but I trust NOBODY in the government of iraq. They are all corrupt, and bribes are just part of life over there. They see out of country speculators holding their currency as a LIABILITY to the CBI. We could get erased with a simple in-house exchange. And please don't believe the malarkey spewed out there that they would never do that because it would reflect negatively on them. What a laugh that is. We don't matter to them. Period.
  15. In my case, it made it unfortunate. In your case, caz, I'm quite sure it has brought a financial windfall.
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