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  1. [sonny1] the banks were given a heads up, that is 100% confirmed from my ears, 5th 3rd and chase, no teller knows s h i t so stop asking all the negative forum b.s is a teller told me [sonny1] they know nothing, i heard it from 2 bank president that i have become friendly with over the last 2 or so years [sonny1] they got the heads up on the friday before mlk day [sonny1] imo, its tied to the budget [sonny1] no new rate no passed budget [sonny1] there has been articles stating that [sonny1] jbutch yes, i feel we are on the clock. imo SSO_Scooby] Here My question BOA is the tresuery Bank
  2. [Adam Montana] hang on [Adam Montana] nm thought something big was happening [Adam Montana] Dinar News [Adam Montana] I have been talking to my CBI contact [Adam Montana] he's very excited [Adam Montana] and says a lot of other people in the CBI are excited too [Adam Montana] ... 4-10-Afternoon [Adam Montana] I can't vouch for anything other than he says everyone HE knows that is higher up [Adam Montana] is really anxious to get some news on this budget [Adam Montana] he's convinced that the RV or a rate change is tied to the budget [Adam Montana]
  3. Pirate, I can't get into the chat room either!! I am sure it is just a glitch in the NEW upgrade that Adam just had done!! I'm sure Admin is working on getting the chat up and running again SOON!!!
  4. terr, I could not get the link to work!!! Thanks bud!!
  5. K98, keep up the good work!! You are doing a GREAT JOB!!!!
  6. Dinar Daddy it is great having you as part of our DinarVets Family!! WELCOME!!!!
  7. Soldier, this is a off topic thread and it is ok for them to NOT TALK ABOUT DINAR/RV in this section!!
  8. If it is decided that they (dealers) are allowed to put adds on here, mabey the dealers can give a small discount on future transactions to us Dinar-ified VIP's!! Kinda like a you scratch our backs and we will scratch yours!! Just one idea!!!
  9. That was Great!! Glad that it is one of our planes!!!
  10. Its nice to see Iraq forces and there leaders being proactive instead of reactive!! This is a good step ahead IMO when it comes to Iraq showing that they can handle there own issues!! A lot of lives were saved today!!
  11. Try this It worked for me!! I used to put the picture in a http:// format, then go to the "Insert Image" icon above, click it and a pop-up comes up, then insert the http:// address that photobucket gives you and it should copy it to your message!! I hope this helps!!
  12. Hey Terryk, Get well soon buddy, we miss you!!
  13. Pbraly,CashDinar,Bonnie,Cpswoman would all make GREAT mods!! imo
  14. 34Dean, TerryK, IDQ09, Zigmaster , CashDinarall have my vote!!
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