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  1. Danimal


    Thanx sweetie. Ditto!! where is the thanx button btw?
  2. Danimal


    Hello fellow Dinarifed fellows! How is everyone? Just swung in to say hello and to have a safe holiday with your families. I miss you all. Danimal
  3. I like to say I miss all you guys & the shiny red handles and admin buttons. Where is the flippin RV? Danimal
  4. Thanks Sharon245! have a great weekend. Danimal
  5. Ok Thanks for your comments. It touches me too. My Mom doesn't have long to live and Im trying to cherish those memories. All of them. Yes, It does. Thanks for your kindness. Danimal Just you being you can make a difference to those that love you and count on you. Thanks
  6. Received the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Nasser al-Sabah evening the President of the Supreme Council of Islamic Republic of Iraq, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and his accompanying delegation on the occasion of his visit to the country. وذكر مصدر مطلع لمكتب ( وكالة إنباء الإعلام العراقي / واع) في الكويت انه حضر المقابلة نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية محمد الصباح ونائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء للشؤون الاقتصادية ووزير الدولة لشؤون التنمية ووزير الدولة لشؤون الاسكان أحمد الصباح ووزير الدولة لشؤون مجلس الوزراء روضان الروضان . A source close to the office (and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA) in Kuwait,
  7. Thank you Traconesu02 for that post!! You hit the nail on the head, Most people dont realize the time away from their family and jobs as well. Thank you for posting that. You are truly are something of a rarity to have perceived that. Mark twain said "I can live for two months on a good compliment. I know first hand that the complaints at times are many but the thanks few. Danimal
  8. Wow, such a shame. Trying to save his son from the robbers. Thats horrible. I wonder how those robbers can sleep at night??
  9. Great story Todds Also Congratulations on you being supermod. You deserve it. You are super in my book.
  10. Sadrists close 'ballot' for Iraq PM Both al-Maliki and Allawi were on the Sadrist ballot alongside several others [AFP] Followers of Muqtada al-Sadr, an influential Shia Muslim leader in Iraq, have concluded an unofficial ballot to establish who should become the country's next prime minister. Though bereft of any legal authority, the two-day referendum was held after al-Sadr emerged as a kingmaker following Iraq's recently held national elections. "The referendum has concluded and the participation rate was very high," Saleh al-Obeidi, the Najaf-based spokesman for the movement, said on Sat
  11. 3/4/2010 10:24 pm انتهت عملية الاستفتاء الشعبي في الساعة السادسة مساء اليوم اليوم السبت لاختيار من يشغل منصب رئيس الوزراء في الحكومة الجديدة والذي دعا الى تنظيمه زعيم التيار الصدري السيد مقتدى الصدر.. Has the process of referendum in the six o'clock this evening on Saturday to choose a prime minister in the new government, which called for the organization of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr .. وقال مدير مكتب كتلة الأحرار في واسط منتظر النعماني لمراسل (وكالة إنباء الإعلام العراقي/واع) أن كتلة الأحرار ومن خلال التنسيق مع مكتب الشهيد الصدر في واسط The Director of the Office of the Liberal bloc in Wasit
  12. 3/4/2010 1:46 pm Select media adviser to the Council of Ministers Ibrahim is known that the new alignment must be alignment to the national Iraqi project. Said that the new line-up And crystallization of the new arena Political completed during the last few years The plane flew All power to the Iraqi national project .. Here, Mr Law began in this state This project of inclusion New powers to him and forces out of date. This was reflected On Alqaimpaerakip Also through the dependence on the national Iraqi project itself, and I got those votes and this clearly indicates that the
  13. 3/4/2010 1:46 pm 1:46 pm حدد المستشار الاعلامي لمجلس الوزراء Select media adviser to the Council of Ministers ابراهيم معروف ان الاصطفاف الجديد يجب ان يكون اصطفافا نحو المشروع الوطني العراقي . Ibrahim is known that the new alignment must be alignment to the national Iraqi project. قال ..ان الاصطفاف الجديد .. Said that the new line-up والتبلور الجديد في الساحة And crystallization of the new arena السياسية اكتمل خلال السنين الاخيرة Political completed during the last few years حيث اتجهت The plane flew كل القوى نحو المشروع الوطني العراقي ..فائتلاف دولة القانون بدأ بهذا All po
  14. Conscious / Baghdad / n. And 3/4/2010 11:40pm 3/4/2010 11:40 pm اكد القيادي في ائتلاف وحدة العراق عدنان ألجبوري ان الحكومة القادمة اذا ارادت النجاح ان تضع في حساباتها وجود معارضة قوية في البرلمان المقبل. Confirmed leader of the coalition and the unity of Iraq, Adnan al-Jubouri said the next government if it wants to put the success of its accounts and there is strong opposition in the next parliament. وقال الجبوري في اتصال هاتفي مع (وكالة انباء الاعلام العراقي / واع) ان من توكل اليه مهمة رئاسة الوزراء عليه ان يضع المصلحة الوطنية العليا فوق كل المصالح الاقليمية والدولية وعدم تجاهل
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