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  1. Central TX with 14 other neighbors who have invested.
  2. And one American soldier was killed during this operation. God bless and thank his family for his ultimate sacrifice. May they be surrounded with peace at this time.
  3. Carla, try going to youtube to see it. It takes a while to load and it has a lot of black.
  4. Every American should see this. May God have mercy on America! TREASON TRIALS NOW!
  5. Well Puffs person, We gonna miss ya and the red ink you so wisely used. May the Lord bless your latest endeavor. The best and God bless. D4J Tony
  6. sfredieu said: Yea!!!!! he talks a good game,but can he diliver.only thing I see is a politician.he will do what he is told by the people who really pull the strings. Gosh sfredieu, here comes someone who talks like I feel and he isn't even given a chance to produce "Because" he isn't in office yet. Give the guy a break. Read more:!#ixzz0l79ZtMcR
  8. Papawhip you have got to stop watching SNL. Lol
  9. God gave me a vision back in the late 80's with a confirming sign that I would be doing this. It is in His timing not mine. If he gives you the vision he will give you the provision. Naysayers just get out of the way.
  10. Tell em, when I get the money you get the money. Until then please bear with me. God said he will restore what the canker worm, catapiller, locust and palmer worm has taken. Its a comin Teresa.
  11. We need someone in office who is going to say no more freebies....You take a job within 60 days or the ride ends. No more supporting your drug habit or your wasted life style. Welfare is for those that "NEED" it. Re-Verification of all those on welfare to support legitimacy to claim. Buck stops now! Even the Bible says, "If a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat".
  12. We must not forget the 25,000 plus Gulf War Veterans that have died since coming home. Here is a long read but worth the effort for personal education. Shows also that Sadam had WMD's at that time and likely still had them in 2003. THE COVER-UP OF GULF WAR SYNDROME -- A QUESTION OF NATIONAL INTEGRITY It would be an effort to find the names of those that died from exposure to WMD's.
  13. No words will ever be enough to say "THANK YOU" to the soldier, sailor, airman or marine who sacraficed for our freedoms. We give thanks and offer comfort to the families and friends of these fallen heroes as they will suffer the most. There is not enough we can do for them!
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