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  1. Carvette

    800 #'s

    sorry, my sis (works at bank) says tis is true.
  2. I am with you on this any guru different ? NO I have not seen anyone right so far. Go RV
  3. Now this sounds pretty good! IF only they can shake-hands sign in INK and move forward.......Go RV
  4. The budget can be changed at ANYTIME, so this does not have to be any thing regarding the RV to happen at any time....Go RV
  5. My sister-in-law works for W- and this statement above is BS....she has worked for them now 33yrs/Branch....Will NOT happen. This just to scar people...but I don't plan on sitting around and talking anyway///and the $$$ will not be in the original acct's. long--------GO RV
  6. These are all old post...I'm not concerned about what they printed 1-2 yrs ago...We all know they change every week. Go RV
  7. God Bless you all during these holiday's. Remember those in need, and help if you can. Perhaps "Our" Blessings will arrive soon.
  8. As I see it>>>>>>>>> we are on a site that pretty much does the same thing? speculate. They report, we decide.... Go Rv
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