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  1. Hi Scewball, Just wanted to let you know that I am reading everything you post. I really do appreciate all the trouble you go through to bring us all these articles . You do an amazing job. Thank You. I strongly believe that this will happen and that we are all going to do very well for ourselves . I'm focusing on the facts and not all the noise. Remember It's in Iran's best interest. We're all just riding on their coat tails.
  2. Hi TC ... I think about you and your son often and wonder how you both are doing. You are both still in my prayers. God bless and happy new year. MIT
  3. haaaa Im an immigrant and maybe soon to be an expat. So what category does that put me in?
  4. So sorry to hear this . I will keep Paster Robert and Tim in my prayers. God is mighty anything is possible . Lets keep the faith.
  5. Hi everyone I thought you could all use a good laugh while we wait for our RV.
  6. A Woman's Week at the Gym A WOMAN'S WEEK AT THE GYM This is dedicated to everyone who ever attempted to get into a regular workout routine. Dear Diary, For my birthday this year, My husband purchased a week of personal training for me at the local health club. Although I am still in great shape since being a high school football cheerleader 43 years ago, I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and give it a try. I called the club and made my reservations with a personal trainer named Christo, who identified himself as a 26-year-old aerobics instruct
  7. Yea .... SB I like this article......too bad it's not current (2013). But I believe that it will be in the end. It's the best outcome for Iran.
  8. Thanks Kevin......Good video The thing here is that if your partner is really paying attention to you he will know what it is you like and want. Also ladies we need to drop hints from time to time and let them know what it is that "we want" as well.... Making it easier for them.
  9. Thats a long time. Me since 2004. Feels like a lifetime ago. But I know this is gonna happen for us all. So I've waited patiently . One day we will all be "SURPRISED"
  10. Hi Mark. I understand how you're feeling but keep in mind how complicated it is for countries to try and re-establish themselves from the way things used to be for them. Im seeing things more clearer now than ever for both Iraq and Iran. It's been a very complicated process for them both but I can see we're coming to the end of this sooner than most people expect. Iraq is in process as we speak and Iran can't be left behind so just sit back and keep reading the articles with out worrying even if there are conflicting's part of their plan. Remember they will never let y
  11. Skip to main content Search form Search Time THURSDAY December, 08 2016 Social Menu Home About Us Contact Us Archive RSS
  12. It does look like new notes will be coming out .....they just don't know when.
  13. Home Iran Economy Iran is preparing to switch its national currency from the rial to the toman - a move that could boost the value of the country’s national currency against the US dollar. Iran is gearing to switch its national currency back to the toman – a move that would end the rein of the rial after around 90 years and also could boost the value of the country’s national currency against the US dollar. The administration of President Hassan Rouhani in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday approved the switch, as reported b
  14. So the fact that it is now gonna be called (re-named) The Toman. Will this be affecting the actual physical currency at all ? Are we gonna be ok with the currency that we are holding at this moment . Nothings changed other than just the name? Or ......are they gonna print new currency ?
  15. Didn't you post articles a while back that lead us to believe that they had no intentions of a lop ? I remember something to that.
  16. Maybe the lower denons are already in the machine and they're just not telling us yet.
  17. Also .....let me add to this by saying that it will also allow you to understand future investments because you will be surrounded by investors like yourself and opportunities if you wish to go forward with them. "Like Minded People" my kind of crowd! Something to think about.......
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