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  1. I am a sort of ole gal from Oz and I just love reading your posts. Clever wits.
  2. Well there you go. Some dreams are just not worth having. I suggest eating the dog and buy a cat.
  3. Hi Luigi. You really need to stop listening to TNT Tony and to stop passing on his rubbish. If you believe the rubbish about elders, you are being conned. That is conned. I am pleased though you don't have voices in your heard.
  4. If someone else told you then you are not the only person on earth - but I would see a professional about those voices in your head. Sorry if i sound blunt Luigi - but you really take the cake. I think you are worse than Okie or Terry K so i do feel a bit sorry for you.
  5. Time for you to get yourself a real life Luigi. Somewhere else.
  6. OZmosis


    Time for a long siesta Luigi. Please.
  7. Can someone stick a gag order on Luigi please.
  8. G'day Hopeful Eddie. Most likely yahoo is blocking emails. I suggest opening a gmail account. Then log into dinarvets and change your email to your new gmail - then register at and lodge a support ticket. I find the support assistance from is excellent.
  9. Welcome Sweeper. Some acute night vision will be handy in here.
  10. Thanks for everything you do Adam. Seems like we are moving closer to new beginnings.
  11. Best guru is one of the three monkeys but I forget his name.
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