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  1. Thursday to Monday is a most auspicious window of time for the dinar to RV, go RV ps if you go on you can get Forex news and other world market news and check out currency rates, and learn about exchanging and things(but this is most auspicious rumor page)
  2. OMG Nortec, you traded dinar for silver to build Confidence, then subsequently traded the Silver you gained for IQD and didn't hear from the guy, who got the Silver for a real long time, then you run into him and he has this story .. when you look around the room and you don't know who the mark is, the Mark is You Buddy keep you IQD an buy more silver, it's pretty low right now multilevel is the name of the game
  3. it sounds like the friend might have got Ponzied, and by the way, if you just got millions and had to sign an NDA about it, and the first thing you did was run out and tell a friend who posted on a message board on the world wide web, you might be a fool and you and your money will soon be parted
  4. Sadly, I know some people who follow the gurus and that Frank26 religiously sending updates out to me twice a day. By Frank26s recent post, he's even upset with the likes of TNT I wish I could come up with a clever acronym for him but I'm blank right now
  5. Tony is awesome!!! I really loved when the ISX was live on NASDAQ for 2 hours the other day, they must have been BET testing it ? I personally saw the IQD fluctuate today between 1162$ and 1164$ spending most of the day at $1163$, but that $1162 was pretty exciting!!! Go RV!!!
  6. Just wanted to say Hey! to all
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