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  1. Thanks Adam! Hopefully your text will be coming "soon" or "in the coming days"!! Patiently waiting! OK, not so patiently!!!!
  2. seems to have them on their website. I haven't called them to verify.
  3. This sounds just like my morning routine! I so enjoy the guru opinions while having my morning coffee, and then check again late at night for any updates! Thank you Ron for all your posts. Just waiting for the day we can all meet after this ride is over!
  4. Hi do you still have the Dinar? I am interested and in the DFW area. My email is Thanks!
  5. Thanks Adam! I always enjoy and look forward to the Wednesday posts, but sometimes I don't have time to read them until later. I too am a member of the Silent Majority! It's getting very exciting! GO RV!!!!
  6. I'm having trouble with the renewal! I went in and signed up and entered my payment info. It said there was an error and to contact the administrator for help. It shows my membership is current and will expire 12/28/13. But I can't get into the VIP section. Please HELP!! Thanks! spettey
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