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  1. I's not I'm working on this first 'then' this, but rather I'm working on this 'and' this right now.
  2. That's good news! Maybe we will see a second reading about paving the streets and some other equally important laws on the agenda!!
  3. Bump... " order to proceed with the implementation of the strategy recently launched by the government to support the economic reality in the country." This sounds very interesting...
  4. OMG and lightening didn't even strike him...what a shame...
  5. "direct: the Iraqi Central Bank said on Monday it was selling 138 billion dinars from the sale of full-emissivity remittances Bank for 91 days." So they are selling dinar instead of dollars now?
  6. I agree I would think it have to be worth more than .04 to take the time to go to the bank. $5 or something maybe but not .04...just my thoughts
  7. I totally agree that's what they want but not even worth walkingm to the bank to open an account for .04...seems like it would have to be worth more than .04 to get them through the door...
  8. Why bother depositing .04 in your bank account...seems to me like they would need more value to even waste time taking them to the bank to exchange.
  9. So just to believe the note count currently sits just below 1 billion. So a while back they said they were taking it from 4 billion notes to 1 billion appears as if they have done that?
  10. Bump ...anyone heard from Sandfly?
  11. "and strengthen the Iraqi currency's strength and restore its prestige in front of the region's currencies. ...The central bank has decided to implement the project to delete three zeros from the currency in early 2013, but the previous government refused to implement it and asked to wait to implement it until further notice. / End / 8 /" : ) Nice...if they were ready in 2013 then they are ready now...just do it...
  12. I don't know...been wondering the same thing! He was gone a week or so and popped in last week and now gone again. Anyone know anything?!
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