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  1. To put another spin on it, we all no that all country's not just Iraq auction the dollar for there foreign reserves. Why is it we only believe the Iraq dinar adjusts the dollar?
  2. JMO, but I tink this is EXCELLENT news!!!
  3. This is all very good news along with this article!!!! Has anyone herd how the money laundering law is coming?
  4. This is possibly the biggest news for us to date... This is the way of the future!!!
  5. Just for the record... Can you specify that you used the right spelling of this word please... Just curious!!!!
  6. Bad translation but it sounds as if they are going to make it pre-war value.. Just my interpretation bu twe will see!!!!
  7. My god what have we become??? Now where killing babys... This makes us sound as bad as them!!!
  8. It is still 1182 on cbi site. am I missing some thing?
  9. Fact Tank - Our Lives in Numbers January 14, 2015 Job shifts under Obama: Fewer government workers, more caregivers, servers and tempsBy Drew DeSilverLeave a comment With the unemployment rate down to 5.6% as of December (the lowest since mid-2008), Americans are at long last feeling better about the economy. According to a new Pew Research Center report, 27% of U.S. adults say economic conditions are excellent or good, about twice the percentage who said that
  10. Forex actually had it at 1095 one day last week. Here is the oanda chart for today!!!!
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