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  1. Sorry, here's my re-edit, repost - the site timed me out when I was re-thinking my thoughts on the matter lol If Iraq's Dinar pops first, I don't see why Iran wouldn't pop second just my opinion but as of when for both, who knows? Iran & the nuclear talks/JCPOA meetings has been a hot topic and they are happening now though it's been a bumpy ride, but I haven't heard much about any Iraqi news other than what's being posted here on DinarVets. I have yet to hear much outside US talks with Iraq as they have been with Iran as of late. I have no idea on the other
  2. If Iraq's Dinar pops first, I don't see why Iran wouldn't pop second just my opinion but as of when for both, who knows? I have no idea on the other Asian currencies you've mentioned friend - Dong is where my interest had stopped. 2020 was a rough year for me and my family, I had to sell everything and I'm getting back into the groove now only with Dinar and Rial. 👍
  3. That's the kicker at least for me from what I've been sharing as a late. It's been a since neck-in-neck between Rial & Dinar, but the latest exciting events that are happening suddenly, talks between the US, Iran and other would powers are coming back to the JCPOA table. This is what I am keeping my eye on - would Iraq be "jealous" should everything be said and done if once the sanctions are lifted and Iran's economy reopens back to the world first before they do? If Iran's currency really does pop before Iraq's, you can definitely bet Dinar will pop immediately after. They don't wanna
  4. Where's brother Screwball these days?!! Well, I'll keep posting stuff that'll help give us any insight/sense of how close we're coming near for either Rial/Toman or Dinar to pop!! Keeping the faith!!
  5. Some more scoop: Iran and U.S. Agree on Path Back to Nuclear Deal In indirect talks in Vienna, the U.S. and Iran agreed to try to synchronize Washington’s lifting of sanctions and Iran’s limiting of uranium enrichment. Diplomats from the European Union, China, Russia and Iran held talks on Tuesday in Vienna. Credit...Lars Ternes/Eu Delegation in Vienna, via Getty Images
  6. More scoop: The moment of truth is here for the Iran nuclear deal Analysis by Nick Paton Walsh, International Security Editor, CNN Updated 5:53 AM ET, Tue April 6, 2021 (CNN) It is the moment that all the grunting and yelling has been leading up to. Few doubted the United States and Iran deep-down preferred diplomacy -- even a new deal -- to escalating tensions, and possibly military con
  7. More scoop: Iran says nuclear deal talks solely about how fast US will lift sanctions Vienna discussions likely to determine only if there is pathway to settlement, both sides say The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency headquarters in Vienna. Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters
  8. Latest scoop, here we go: World powers, Iran, U.S. begin indirect talks to revive nuclear deal FILE PHOTO: Iran's flag pictured in March Francois Murphy, Parisa Hafezi and John Irish Tue, April 6, 2021, 4:26 AM By Francois Murphy, Parisa Hafezi and John I
  9. Man, anything can is that now there are talks in trying for everyone to come back to the JCPOA table, but with the recent missile attacks in Iraq (just my view) it continues to be a struggle to get things done and resolved. I still, do not believe Iran's currency will pop first before the Dinar, and this might be our other indicator to help us foresee or get an idea just how close we are to the RV. There's another hot thread happening that the Oil and Gas Law is now under review for approval, but we continue to wait and see. Yup.
  10. More scoop: Link:,-despite-Iran’s-rejection US reaffirms commitment to Iranian nuclear talks, despite Iran’s rejection WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan 24) - State Department Spokesperson Ned Price on Monday reaffirmed the continued US commitment to discussions with Iran over the 2015 nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump abrogated in 2018, although Iran has rejected such talks. Already on Feb. 18, the US said it was ready to participate in such discussions, along with the signatories to
  11. More scoop: Reviving the Iran deal: On Biden attempt to revive JCPOA MARCH 03, 2021 00:02 IST UPDATED: MARCH 03, 2021 00:47 IST Biden needs to seal the nuclear deal before hardliners gain the upper hand in Iran Link:
  12. More scoop: ARGUMENT U.S.-Iran Talks Will Falter Unless Abdolnaser Hemmati Is at the Table Unwinding sanctions will be central to reviving the nuclear deal. If the Biden administration wants a lasting solution, it must involve Iran’s central bank governor. Link:
  14. More scoop: Biden admin weigh easing Iran sanctions: Sunday Times Link: It is noted that despite the fact that the new administration insists on the desire to sit down at the negotiating table, “there are signs that a relaxation of sanctions is not far off.” “Easing sanctions is definitely on the way. Not today or tomorrow. But it is on its way,” said a source from the national security sector."
  15. More scoop: "Biden has moved to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal and take a warmer tone with Tehran" Link: Political views aside, I still can't shake off the feeling guys......still early for anything, but I can't shake off the feeling. If there's even an inkling should the sanctions gets lifted and Iran's economy gears to become ready to reopen back to the world, the Dinar to RV must be closer than we think.
  16. More scoop: Erdogan tells Rouhani he sees window of opportunity for Iran, U.S. on sanctions Link:
  17. Iran nuclear deal: US agrees to meet Iran, world powers in first step for Biden administration Hi folks! Well as mentioned before, more talks about revisiting the JCPOA! I'm on my tablet, but hope you guys can view and see the link here: "No meeting has been set yet, but EU officials have indicated he would be willing to invite the parties to engage in talks. The nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, was negotiated by t
  18. Hey, going for about 13 years for me I always had looked at it this was either stack up Dinar and hang onto this ride, or blowing cash away in Las Vegas. You never know!
  19. These guys surely know how to beat around the bush and tease us badly with indicating their sense of timing, not saying a damn thing hahaha jeeeeesh 😄
  20. Hi PP!! Thanks, the recent articles I've posted expresses to me that there's some "noise" happening behind the scenes on talks for the US getting back to the table discussing sanctions, I figured one step-at-a-time type thing. Removing some parts of sanctions held for allowing medical support into Iran, I'd say is one of the first steps.... I bet my next few glass shots of whiskey after this, major talks to revisit the JCPOA plan will not be that far away.........this is to me, will definitely help us get an idea probably how close the Dinar will RV. It's been a gut feeling in re
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