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  1. So I am wondering just how close we are. What still needs to be totally done, and what are some of the THOUGHTS time frames.....................
  2. Hi Holy, I am not sure. I am still learning all of this
  3. Hope this was not already posted. I can't seem to get the link to add.........however its on Going Global east meets west .. Sunday, February 5, 2012Maliki to Kuwait Before March 29th to Discuss Chapter VII and the Port Mubarak Monday 02/06/2012 Maliki to Kuwait to discuss the Port Mubarak and Chapter VII Confirmed Adviser to the Prime Minister Mary Rais said the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait would be to discuss the establishment of Port Mubarak of Kuwait and discuss the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, as well as bilateral agreements on the level of investment and
  4. I refuse to get excited.........I just um refuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Hmmmmmmmmm the closer we get I wonder what people think about this "scam" now? I am hoping it RV's the 1rst of March.........time to take the kids on a trip
  6. Thank you for giving me the info.......I will totally keep reading. Yes, I am pretty new with all of this so I get rather confused EASILY lol........Guess I will bending over with the best of them lol
  7. I was wondering about the taxes and the spread when the RV kicks off. Some are telling me that it will be a 35% tax, and others are saying 28%. So what is it? Also...........can someone explain to me about the "Spread". Not sure I am grasping all that well. Sorry Blonde moment
  8. I was told that the 2 year period would be to raise the value to 3+. I am going to guess that it will be equal to the USD when it does RV........over time it will raise higher...........I could be wrong. Any thoughs?
  9. Yeah I hope its not 2 years............thats a long time to stay on the roller coaster...............UGH
  10. Maybe I have not had enough coffee yet but........is it saying that in May sometime it will RV? Or longer? I am lost here lol
  11. Soooooooooooooo I wonder what everyone's opinion is with how long from now with the RV? People still think June?
  12. Ok so I am thinking I am getting excited when maybe I shouldnt? How does this affect the RV?
  13. I think Gracie poo sold her Dinar and now regrets it
  14. Hi and THANK you Adam.............A friend of mine told me that when the Dinar RV's to take it straight to the bank and cash in. She stated that if I wait it my devalue again in days. I heard that it will RV (possibly) again within days of the first. What is your take on this, and should I high tail it to the bank and NOT wait? Will it go up and down in value again? Thanks a bunch!!!
  15. OK So does look like no RV? Does this look like it will not pan out for anyone? I am lost!
  16. That is so true Cap...........I know I have learned MY lesson...........Listened to Gurus for MONTHS..then pulled my head out and realized that I am in the for the long haul if need be.........them bastids are sickening
  17. I go to Going Global east meets west for lots of my information. I keep seeing the term "bumped". Can someone tell me what that means? lol
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