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  1. Could you let me know what the size of the notes are as well as condition and price per million?
  2. Scares me how easily we forget some of the basics.
  3. So if Syria gets into war and loses, it would financially hurt them correct? Their money would drop I'm assuming? If this is so, someone somewhere will make money off of this, right? Money doesn't dissappear correct? So, if their is money to be made in this, how can someone get in on this?
  4. Adam's two or three sentences> Mtn Goat's book and a half lol
  5. I'm glad Adam doesn't write that much. Too many people have not learned the beautiful art of "conciseness."
  6. A lion and a giraffe walk into a bar. The giraffe goes and lies down in the corner. The lion goes over to the bar and the bartender says, "hey, what's that lying(lion) over there?" Lion says, "that's not a lion, That's a giraffe. ....AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  7. No, and because she is not God.
  8. When a man pulls a gun on me, and threatens to take my life, someone is going to die. He made the decision that someone is going to die. If I have a gun, I get to decide who. That is where the diferance comes in. You can speak about how if there were no guns, then gun crimes would not happen. Well, criminals will always have guns. That is just how it is.
  9. I think your on to something. What MARINE does this? I'm thinking he either is sending a message to someone and that is the only way to do it, or foul play.
  10. Who am I? Who am I?????!!! ....good question. Yea, so I'm no one important. Will I honestly give you guys an answer that you might genuinely use? Probably not. I might make you laugh though. I just know that a lot of you are used to a chat. Since Adam is taking a VERY well-deserved break, I figured that someone would have to step up. This way those who are addicted to a chat will still get it.
  11. Appearently this thread was taken on a more serious note than I expected. Who am I? I'm no one. But thats kinda where the"unofficial" part comes in. I figure everyone is accustomed to a chat. Since Adam is taking a more than well-deserved break, I figured someone had to do it. Now, will I give you any information that might in any way help you, probably not. But I'm pretty sure that you would laugh. Hey, I negged you on accident. Someone want to even them out?
  12. Place your questions here. Keep in mind this is unofficial. I'll do my best to answer your questions.
  13. Well I figure every person deserves a good comment on their thread. So here it is. Nice grammar and punctuation. Good unity. I personally did not see and capitalization errors. Yep, thats all I got.
  14. So would buying property be a good idea?
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