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  1. Does this change things? I just read that Iraq has agreed to the cuts.
  2. Great to see you post again. Please keep us updated with what you hear.
  3. I've been hoping to see a post from Bravo.....Just wish he had better news. As always no fake news just the facts as he hears them. One of THE best and most trusted posters on this site! Thanks, if you have more news don't stay away for so long.
  4. Previous levels of what 1166? This also sounds like they did it already. Ready for resolution on all of this. Thanks SWFguy!
  5. I thought they said they would not do this mid year. If that's the case do it now! I know The printings not done.
  6. That would be big news if true. Hope it is! Thanks ,
  7. Well thank you! We all hope you are on track. That is why we all purchased the dinar. Keep bringing news and insight it is appreciated. MG
  8. Well raise it already...... It's never going to be perfect. Raise it now and help your people, not to mention us!
  9. This is what Allawi said about the meeting. Barzani, Talabani, Sadr, Nujaifi and I all agreed that power sharing is a major part of the solution to Iraq's crises.!/AyadAllawi/status/196234384519602177 A significant, positive and constructive meeting w/ Massoud Barzani, Jalal Talabani, Muqtada Al Sadr and Osama Nujaifi. More meetings ahead.!/AyadAllawi/status/196233547944689666
  10. That's what I got out of it also easy. It just seems from his point of view nothing really will happen until after the July vote.
  11. High Joint Committee meeting, the Iraqi-Kuwaiti postponed until next week On: Sun 04/15/2012 22:06 Baghdad (news) .. put off the High Joint Committee the Iraq-Kuwait meeting until next week after it was scheduled for today. A source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (agency news) said on Sunday: that the Higher Committee Joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti postponed its meeting until next week after the was to be held on Sunday, as a result of travel and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari out of Iraq and the preoccupation with the Kuwaiti side a number of domestic issues. The source added: that an agreement was between Iraq and Kuwait to postpone the meeting, to be held exclusively in the next week, and the presence of the foreign ministers of both countries and members of the Committee to discuss the outstanding issues between the two sides in and out by that satisfies both parties. The Iraq and Kuwait have agreed to hold a second session of the Joint Higher Committee the Iraq-Kuwait in Baghdad during the first half of the month this April under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministers of both countries. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his visit to Kuwait held detailed discussions with the Emir of Kuwait on the overall issues of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations was reached a number of understandings on the settlement of the debt owed ​​by Iraqi Airways and the completion of a final settlement and stop the Kuwaiti side all lawsuits and legal claims on the company and property in Iraq. He said Iraq's commitment to Balaqrart International binding to complete the process of maintaining signs of the land border between the two countries and begin the implementation of its obligations towards the UN, was also discuss the issue of freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and cooperation to ensure the rights of the parties through joint administration and not to inflict any damage to the interests of both sides. and across the Iraqi side about the importance of bilateral cooperation in Siebel to ensure Iraq's full exit from the provisions of Chapter VII of the way to full normalization of relations on the basis of respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, mutual respect and common interests of activation and looking forward to a prosperous future for the two brotherly peoples. / Finished / 1. Q. P / http://www.ikhnews.c...n=view&id=39259 Read more: It's also posted in the news. I just don't how to link it. Thanks,
  12. I hope it's our RV but the way they have been moving I think you might be right. I'm bummed they didn't have the Kuwait meeting today.
  13. We all want you to be right! It's the time in between that's the killer.
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