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  1. Yeah, it's probably a good idea to stay out of the "Off Topics Section" and just enjoy the Holiday with family.....that's what I intend to do for the next few days. Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. I didn't realize that you had this stuff! You gotta start using it and maybe I won't see anymore of her posts. lol Too much exposure can cause a rash.
  3. Pappy, I couldn't agree with you more on a lot of this post. I don't have a problem with difference of opinion and political differences. I think it's what makes us great. What I don't like is the way some people on here take things to a whole new scary and ridiculous level of division, hatred, paranoia and vitriol.....and that's when I decide to chime in and point out how disgusting and ridiculous they are. I don't like being told that my Christianity is not as good as someone else's. I think when people do that it shows just how unchristian like they actually are. Some people on here n
  4. Excellent post....Religion should bring humanity together someday not keep it all would be nice if politics did this at some point too. lol Merry Christmas!
  5. I haven't been on here long but she was the first person on here that kind of made me feel welcome. She definitely has a head on her shoulders and had good opinions. I hope she is okay as well. Merry Christmas!
  6. You kinda have to deny reason and common sense to believe the conspiracy nonsense.
  7. Yeah, if anything she is one of the sheep because she will believe ANYTHING she reads.
  8. Yeah, we are all going to be communists tomorrow so be ready for the party! Wahooooo!!!! Put the tin foil hat on and you should be okay though. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place (such as a forest, mountain, lake, desert, monument, building, complex, or city) that is listed by the UNESCO as of special cultural or physical significance. The list is maintained by the international World Heritage Programme administered by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, composed of 21 states parties[1] which are elected by their General Assembly.[2] The program
  9. That should be the sign for this entire section of the forum.
  10. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia David Icke David Vaughan Icke (pronounced /aɪk/, eyek;[1][2] born 29 April 1952) is an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world." Describing himself as the most controversial speaker in the world, he has written 18 books explaining his position. His 533-page The Biggest Secret (1999) has been called the conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone.[3] Icke was a well-known BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, when in 1990 he had an encounter with a psy
  11. You're making way too much sense for this section of the forum.
  12. Skinhead and Anti Gov groups? ....... As long as I get a dance with Anti! Just watched the video before it got...yanked.... Seriously, though we can agree that it was a funny video.
  13. The Conservative News bias there.'s funding is not public so who even knows which corporations are backing it. Again, The White House has NOTHING to do with the decoration of the CAPITAL Christmas tree. California school children did the ornaments this year. I know there just has to be outrage everywhere we look but....there is nothing to this story.
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