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  1. Thanks DT, Well the Gubment isn't doing its job so we can cut that 5 Billion and if they create jobs the 2 billion spent on Ration Cards can be saved... reminds me of a spoilt child who can't make enough to satisfy their needs but, that doesn't matter, they are entitled to what I have... can't balance its checkbook and depends on outside sources to finance its budget...LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS... By now they should have realized you have to set some aside for those hard times, (imho) just common sense.
  2. Pitcher, thanks for sharing these informative articles and your expertise with us. It's sad that fear rules the world as a means of control... It doesn't matter whether it's stocks, bonds or Dinar, it's a longterm investment and I'm along for the ride. Although, we admit we are in control of nothing outside ourselves. We accept proudly the option to choose while, we are hopeful of determining our own destiny, leaving nothing to fate.
  3. Yota, being a caregiver is both hard and rewarding, it definitely makes the grief easier to handle... prayers for comfort, grace, peace and understanding for you and your family during this time. Being a health care professional, I was there for several of my family members because I am a keeper of promises. There is no greater Love on earth than that of parents. They took care of us when we couldn't take care of ourselves, now is our time to return those blessings... Much Love to you and your family. Take care of yourself so you can take care of them...
  4. Thanks Adam... I sincerely hope, "Trying" is all they can accomplish...
  5. That's the Deal? Seems I've Been Left in the Dark on this Deal!!! LOL not a problem... see you there!
  6. Adam, thank you for this interesting and informative update... You are awesome, I count my blessings to be part of this, apparently, diversified group. I can't wait to meet everyone of you, hopefully in the near future... Keeping the faith and never giving up on this, "Long Term Investment".
  7. Thanks for the update Adam, I was also wondering about the date mishap....
  8. Thanks Adam, Not a problem, I have trouble keeping all the names straight. I think you're doing a fantastically awesome job. Happy Easter to your family and Crew at DV
  9. Thanks Adam for all y'all do, Awesome update! We're sitting' on Go....
  10. Thanks Adam for the awesome update... I too am Waiting on a message from Montana!!! Sweet.
  11. Thanks again Adam for the update. sounds like we're on a roll now!!! I can hardly wait but, I will and patiently listening for the alert on my phone for the text... You and your team are awesome! Best of the weekend to y'all.
  12. Thanks Adam, I love the rumble of a Thunderstorm!!! I also like dancing in the Rain... ⛈️☔
  13. Hi Adam, Thanks for keeping us informed so that we may make informed choices. I have been in your group for several years now but, with all the new developments I have a question. I just signed up for a name reserve in OSI, I would like to use the Angel Program to complete my business. It says I must have a name reserve for 3 days to apply. All of this is still a little confusing to me, I don't have much knowledge as I have almost forgotten I had dinar... So.. I wait three more days?
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