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  1. I have a question.....I read somewhere recently that Trump will probably be doing a Dollar reboot and back it with gold. Will this have an affect on the RV?
  2. Actually folks with gmail can go to settings and create a filter for your emails and mark for it to be starred. Anything starred goes to Primary.
  3. I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer but, I went to the CBI website and there were NO press releases for 9-12-11. The last one was 8-26-11.
  4. this is what it is just now 1 USD = 1158.0178 IQD from what I understand we want it to keep going down.
  5. Who owns more up in our "Wonderful" Government - The Republicans or the Democrats?
  6. It appears you have a choice: In an effort to reduce the likelihood of offshore accounts being used to evade taxes, European governments participating in the European Union have agreed to the Savings Tax Directive. This directive makes EU residents, with offshore bank accounts, choose between one of two options: * Allowing their offshore bank(s) to report savings income directly to local tax authorities. * Pay tax immediately at such time income is provided to the account holder by their offshore bank. Over time, it is expected that an increasing number of offshore banks will be a
  7. Nope, sorry Charlie..... US = $855.36
  8. I thought it was the fincen 104 form
  9. That link doesn't show anything but a blank page
  10. Go to the top of your this page and click on "Your VIP Subscription" and go from there. It will tell you when it expires and gives you options to pay for your renewal
  11. No it's not you. But it makes it very hard to read and follow. They didn't do a very good job of copying and pasting imo.
  12. I get an email from everyday Fri USD United States Dollars 1,168.5000000000 0.0008557980 Sat: USD United States Dollars 1,165.6200000000 0.000857912 Sun: USD United States Dollars 1,175.4999999980 0.0008507018 I'd say it isn't frozen
  13. They had me until Switzerland.... The Switzerland part does make sense because the WTO's HQ is in Switzerland and they basically were testing it there. here's the link: and a clip from the article: "And fall under the banner of the World Trade Organization, based in the city of Geneva in Switzerland, about 52 countries, focused its core mission to ensure that trade flows as smoothly as possible, convenience and freedom, the only organization competent international laws on trade between nations."
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