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  1. roger-write

    Where are you going to move to after it rvs'?

    A beach condo, a mountain cabin, desert house, and city town house.
  2. Mountain goat? Hey, why not! We've heard from every other free ranging guru on mt. Dinar.
  3. roger-write


    What I want to know is why he keeps yelling the word WE. Or does it stand for something?
  4. Whether or not his information was accurate, one observation is that he probably stopped talking about it when he found out you were invested because he didn't want to be giving financial/investment advice.
  5. roger-write

    Global Financial Shutdown This Weekend

    Ok, I bit. Logged into First Tennessee. I have both a business and personal account. First tried the business account and no word of scheduled maintenance. But lo and behold, the personal account states the following: Banking online will not be available from Saturday July 20th at 10:00 pm until Sunday July 21st at 6:00 am (Central Time) while we make upgrades to our system.
  6. roger-write

    George Soro Bought 50 Billion Dinars

    Dude, tell us how you REALLY feel!
  7. roger-write

    Dream Guns

    I'm a late comer to this thread but happened upon it. When I first started reading I immediately thought of the AA12, and low and behold its the one mentioned. A Saiga auto 12 will work in a pinch. Can't go wrong with a good crossbow and hunting knife if things descend into a zombie apocalypse AKA The Walking Dead.
  8. roger-write

    RV after float!

    "Down here, all the dinars float...." :o
  9. roger-write

    **Dinar rumor****

    Been waiting for 15 years for by boxes of beanie babies to revalue.
  10. roger-write

    Global RV including the IQD are set in place...

    This Blu cried wolf.
  11. roger-write

    Adam's drive by, Sat 3/24

    After the fat lady sings, she should hit the gym and join us on the beach!
  12. roger-write


    Notice the URL. The topic number has 7777 in it. Must be true!
  13. This is a new article, but refers to statements made in 2009. The thing that caught my attention was that he would cut in half the deficit in a new way: honestly and candidly. Dinar? Don't know, but it sounds good. Obama's Broken Deficit Promise

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