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  1. Have you had any luck finding surplus .303? I can't find any anywhere.
  2. I got this same message, not sure exactly what it means but hopefully we will get a reply saying they purchased it.
  3. Perfect, exactly was I was looking for, thank you very much!
  4. I sent the ISX department at Warka an email with my order for some stocks, I had never done this before but it went something like this: This was my response: How does one go about this signed request? Is it as simple as adding a signature to the bottom of the page or do they have a special form I need to fill out? I'm trying to get all the kinks worked out before Monday.
  5. It's Genesis 18:16-33. Abraham was told by God that even if there were 10 people living there he would not destroy the city.
  6. Adam, you are well respected in the Dinar community and many people look to you as a guide (including myself). Yet there some people who have websites listing groups of gurus as scammers and you're name happens to pop up on a few of them. You yourself have said Adam Montana is not your real name and that's fine if you want to hide your real identity, but a few sites go into a lot of detail about the man behind the name and give pages of evidence that person or people are involved in some shady business. What do you have to say to these claims? I'm not accusing you of anything, I just w
  7. Gas piston AR15. Anyone have any experience with the gas piston AR-15's? I've heard mixed arguments on the gas piston vs. direct impingement systems.
  8. Thanks DinarBot, I would love to see a ten year period to cash in but I'm expecting two years at most.
  9. Sorry you're right, 0400-0500 your time. I sometimes forget not everyone lives in my time zone.
  10. They said the ISX, newspapers and Warka is closed till the first but I never saw the CBI was closed. It will be interesting to see what it says when they reopen. edit: It usually updates around 0100-0200 our time.
  11. That's funny you're the one to answer this because you were the intended target for the PM. Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. If the member disables their ability to receive PM's is the error message "The member cannot receive any new messages"?
  13. Stryker has as much insight as anyone with this investment, I think he spends more time researching than I do sleeping. Not having him here is like having the garage light out at night.
  14. I wonder why it's essential for the Summit? It seems like everyone wanted to have the Conference before the Summit except Malaki, I guess we'll see how this things pans out this week during the Summit. And is it just me or does Talabani look like a jolly grandpa who you would find sitting in a rocking chair telling stories?
  15. I have heard Obummer wants to reinstate the Brady law for starters, ban semi automatic "assault" rifles, ban high capacity magazines (over ten rounds) and create a national gun registry. He won't do it during his first term because it would be political suicide, but he has nothing to loose during a second term. My local gun store which is usually full of firearms is very low. That's what I like about Arizona and the gunshow loophole, you can find many firearms on Backpage for private sale. Couldn't have said it better myself! +1 to you my friend.
  16. Adam, I hope this question doesn't matter by Wednesday but which do you think will happen first? The CBI website being updated with revalued rates or the VIP text message? Thanks.
  17. Adam sounds exited, I've never seen him this happy before! Thank you DInarkicker and TexasGranny for bringing this over!
  18. Think Iraq isn't worried about scaring foreign investors? They need us and are not going to give us a bad taste by loosing our money. Warka is a big bank and they need it to both support and jumpstart their economy, unlike our central bank I think the CBI is going to support us.
  19. I wasn't expecting to see something like this come out, I thought it would be a back room deal. This is one of the laws we've been waiting for! And it sounds like it was voted on today, I think they're in a rush if they're voting on a Saturday.
  20. Great news! From the sound of this article the Defense Minister just needs to be made official. Is the Security Minster another spot? I thought I read a while back they were going to merge it with something else?
  21. Iraq (Iba) Follow-up / - Competitions Committee decided in the Union of Iraqi football league shut down until the third of April next result of the stringent security measures taken in the capital Baghdad and related to host the Arab summit conference scheduled later this month. A source at the Iraqi Federation of Football, told AFP that the Competitions Committee decided to stop the league championship until the third of next month, because of the actions taken in the capital, which is pr
  22. Most of them are, there are a few that are only trying to stay grounded and have respectful discussions. The great thing is I don't think they'll be too upset if they're wrong.
  23. Secret News, Monday! Thanks Stryker for the usual solid breakdown.
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