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  1. Bama Nation

    For Sale 2.375 Million Dinar (Circulated)

    If paypal is used in the exchange, I will take $1750. The $50 will cover the paypal fees.
  2. Selling Two Million Three Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand dinars - circulated. All were purchased at Hancock Bank in Gulfport Ms. $1850.00 Willing to use PayPal to make deal easy. Also willing to meet if close by. Thank you and God Bless. Contact email
  3. Bama Nation


    I have a neighbor who is armed to the teeth and swears that Obama is going to declare a state of insurrection and cancel the elections. By using the Inserurection Act of 1807.
  4. Bama Nation

    Expiration date

    At the top of the page click on the Store tab and then click on Manage purchases. You will be able to see when your subscription runs out.
  5. Picture is worth a thousand words.
  6. Bama Nation

    I Smell A Rat.

    Just like Trump having millions and millions of dinar.
  7. They do not want to be paid in the worthless dinar. They want to be paid in $$$$. IMO
  8. Bama Nation

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama

    Roll Tide
  9. Good to see you bamagirl. Hope all is well in T-Town
  10. Bama Nation


    We miss our Bamagirl. Hope all is well.
  11. Bama Nation

    Where are you going to move to after it rvs'?

    Orange Beach, Alabama
  12. Bama Nation

    A CLASS ACT! Brought tears to my eyes!!

    Here is another one.

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