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  1. Has he been arrested? Has the government given him any form of punishment? If the answer to those two questions is no, then I'm somewhat curious as to why anyone would think free speech is dead.
  2. Here you go. Send them this link. And then call them sheeple............they'll love that. And for the Nancy Pelosi bit, send them this link. Or this link, or perhaps this link. And keep calling your friends and family sheeple. And to DinarSpot: Do you think you could come up with something a little more recent? Maybe something at least from this decade?
  3. Who are you and why don't you recall any of the exchanges we've had in the past? I actually thought you had me on ignore Is there a fourth member now?
  4. They're probably anti government shills, paid by the Lizard People to cause confusion amongst the masses and make the population easier to transfer to the mother ship. Or something like that...........
  5. Summed up pretty well methinks.' You're talking about the "mechanics" of the process and I'm talking about the "ethics" and "implications" of how those mechanics are utilised. Apart from that, yeah, we're pretty much picking over the same carcass. Time for a celebratory beverage.
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