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  1. I think this needs to be moved to Iraq News. I clicked on the link and read the page which you posted pics of. This doesn't seem to be a rumor.
  2. If you click on this link and put IQD on the left and USD on the right you will get the exchange rate which is not really changed
  3. Maybe, but who else would have voluntarily married him??
  4. Praying that this is the nearly end of the ride! So tired of hard-candy Christmases.
  5. OMG!!!! I haven't laughed this hard in ages...funniest thing I have read ever...tears rolling down my face..thank you Moose, I so needed this laughter..
  6. If GOI is seated and announced at 8:00 p.m. Iraqi time, then we in the eastern time zone should know something definitely by 11:00ish tomorrow morning . Hopefully someone has some way to watch a live stream of proceedings as I understand it is to be televised. I can only say personally go GOI! Get this puppy to bed at last.
  7. Exactly....just hope at least one of them has PMS...that alone should strike fear in the heart(less) ISIS punks!
  8. Time to put his head on a stick and parade him around Baghdad
  9. thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family and your Dad. I lost my dad eight years ago July 31. I still miss him greatly. I would love to have one more visit with him just to say how much I loved him and what a great dad he was to me and my siblings. Take this time to let him know how you love him. He will know even if you think he is not coherent enough to understand. sammyque
  10. I agree easy....this whole "uprising" or whatever one wants to label it just doesn't make sense. You have got maybe a couple thousand insurgents riding in pickup trucks and SUVs. One or two Apache helicopters could take out the whole dang group. Or drones loaded with bombs or whatever they can carry to destroy these idiots. But for sure, the timing is way too coincidental whereas Maliki is concerned. A diversion that he hopes to benefit from in the form of the "state of emergency"? One that would possibly keep him in office longer? Just doesn't stack up.
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