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  1. We are all hoping for January 2024... I don't think it will happen on the 1st of January but maybe sometime within the month. I have to agree with @Artitech that if not done in the first quarter we are looking at 2025. If they can't control the parallel market we will need to wait.
  2. @cjdavid I am not sure anybody can truely answer that. However, IF it is true that governments around the world hold large amounts of dinar then that might save their economies and in turn the world economy. Not all countries will hold them but the biggest countries possibly do. JMHO
  3. Oh I will continue to express my opinion whether you ask or not. I just pointed out the obvious and the answer you received from the person you asked confirmed it. You wouldn't like anybody asking about your private buisness so why should anybody else? ESPECIALLYsomebody you do not know personally. Note... the site is an open forum so anybody can post and anybody can answer.
  4. @Shedagal might I ask what an EBA is? Many thanks
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 it's fine I wouldn't have found that to be rude
  6. @Dretown39... I don't know but my hope has always been that it starts around $1.50 and goes up from there. @ $1.50it is high enough to support the economy pull in the larger notes and gives the citizens purchasing power.
  7. Like you I will be here until it at least hits the dollar or just above the dollar. At that rate I would make a huge profit on what I invested and be able to quit work and live a better life.
  8. Even if it stays at a dollar we will all have made money. I could reduce my hours. Incest it and live off the interest.
  9. Until they get the HCL passed and reinstate the currency this will rumble on forever. Fools they are
  10. If you had asked me I would have told you the same as hope anybody else does.... it is NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS. you are the one who is rude and impolite
  12. @6ly410 the way the statement reads.... they are not banning cash withdrawals in dinar. But banning cash withdrawals in dollars and banning transactions in dollars. However they will encourage the use of cards everywhere. If I have understood this correctly we already knew this was planned.
  13. Thanks @Luigi1 I hadn't saw that.They do appear to be in a rush for some reason.
  14. Another way to force money out of mattresses and into the banks. They will need a bank account with money in it just to be able to function on a daily basis. Forces a cashless society whether the citizens like it or not. Forces everything to be done in dinars and no lower notes or coins essential if being taken directly out the account
  15. I so , so hope and pray you are correct.
  16. Hadn't thought about their pride playing a part in this. Thanks
  17. Still coming up error If they move to 1100 to 1 or 1000 to 1 how long do we think they will hold it at that rate?
  18. Nader has said the site has been up and down for 3 days
  19. I have to say.... although Pimpy flip flops all over the place , I have to agree it will go in increments. I think a straight up Ri back to the original rate would be too much of a shock to the markets. If I am wrong I would still be good with a straight up RI.
  20. 11-22-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy Month, month and a half there's been quite a bit of positive news coming out of Iraq. Let's hope they stay out of trouble and continue working on doing what it takes to regain their sovereignty. They're taking all the right steps to do what it takes to appreciate the Iraqi dinar which all of us are happy about. You still got people out there...swearing up and down that means there's going to be a reinstatement of the $3.22 rate. I'm going to continue to tell you no it isn't. I still believe the Iraqi dinar is going to go up in increments. It's not going to jump up to $3.22 right off the get-go. It'll get there fairly quick but it's not going to happen overnight. As long as they stay in the good graces of the Untied States everything should be fine.
  21. Oh if only. Everything is crossed IS it not close to closing time for the iraqi banks? Hhhhmmmm....
  22. Might be something ...might be nothing. Thanks @6ly410
  23. @Luigi1 totally understand why that would be troubling.
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