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  1. Is it just me who thinks this government work backwards!!?? Amend laws before they have passed them???? Is not more normal and productive for any country to put the laws in place , work within those laws and then once you have identified what is not working , then make amendments to that law???!!! Jesus 10 steps forward 10000 backwards.

    Go Iraq

    I read a few things which suggested Thursday past and also for next Thursday.....confused??? You will be if you have enters this investment.😉

    Go Iraq

    many thanks... Now I know what to really read. Since I was last here do the titles of posts now change when a new article is posted. I posted earlier today in the news section but when I returned later the post had a different title....very confusing.

    Go Iraq

    well gee thanks... Just the basics of why you think it is close would be marvelous. Lol!

    Go Iraq

    I haven't been here for awhile to read very much.....could you please enlighten me as to why you are so certain this is not too far away? I truly hope you are correct.

    Go Iraq

    Like most of us here in this crazy investment.....I hope" the next phase" is within this session of parliament and before they award themselves a long summer holiday.. I am so ready to retire and do other , more interesting things on my bucket list. I continue to work through it but something's on it would be easier and happen sooner with a little help from Iraq.
  7. If ... They legislate the financial management law..... And we know it is a big if, will this be enough to move the rate or will it help resolve more of the HCL? PLUS....does anybody believe they will open an international bank in Saudi Arabia without an international rate?
  8. 1 pm!!!!???? SERIOUSLY?! What the f....The day is almost over by then. No wonder they get nothing done....they only work a half day every friggin day. Most of that is spent trying to obtain a quorum and arguing amongst themselves..... Plus by the time they all check their off shore bank accounts,,, just to see how much they have managed to steal that day, its time to go home!!!!
  9. Not sure I have read tho correctly....were they due to vote on this yesterday or I it next Thursday. Also, just out of interest why are some people so certain the rate is in this bill? Even if they pass tho law do we still need the HCL implemented and article 140 before we see any benefit to us?
  10. I think all the big names.... USA, GB, WORLD BANK, IMF...Need to step in. Do the job sort the government and CBI out. Refuse any further funding and make them stand on their own two feet. Otherwise I don't think this will happen in the near future. I am also beginning to feel that the GOI AND CBI are great at lip service to the citizens and the rest of the world but truthfully don't wish to move forward.
  11. I agree with Floridian. This doesn't read well to me. I hate to sound negative but I do not think we have much hope of any change in rate any time soon. This just highlights to me how far behind the rest of the world they really are. Plus if the government, in general is as corrupt as it appears we could still be sitting here in 2021! 😞.. I truly hope not.
  12. God I hope nobody in the site is vulnerable enough to believe anything you bring Luigi.
  13. Dear lord my giddy aunt.....!!!! Luigi......has seen the light and gained insight..... They must have been good meds they gave him!
  14. In all honesty..... Does anybody believe we will need an appointment at a bank to exchange a foreign currency to the currency of our country? If I go to Europe on holiday...I don't make an appointment to change any left over euros to pounds sterling. Sure, I can understand where if I walked in to my bank with 1 million dinar the bank would be keen for my business and would possibly want to make an appointment to discuss the benefits of doing business with them but to just exchange some dinar..... Nope I am not convinced. When it is traded internationally it will just be a countries currency th
  15. Nothing EVER happens during Ramadan..... I know most don't want to hear this or think it, including my self but.....i am beginning to think the goat is right....we are looking at 2020
  16. Just a thought.........probably the past when they have increased the value was it not always or almost always on May 1st? Compared to western currency the dinar is worthless. But it is now worth more than it was when many of us got on this crazy train.....
  17. Luigi......are you feeling ok? Does your brain hurt? Are you hearing voices? THIS HAS GOT TO BE. ......the most normal, logical , sensible thing you have ever posted.. .. . Who dud this to you?
  18. . Canny breath for laughing! Loved it. Hilarious!
  19. Mountain goat is also talking about this. Apparently it is to do with Iraq being able to trade with turkey and it is some policy article of the CBI.
  20. Chuck Finley.... I am really good. Still working in the prison. Xx my darling clown.... send him my and empty cell and a very big needle for has butt! Xx
  21. just read on another rumour site that mailaki was arrested today and the budget to be opened and in the gazette tomorrow! Oh how I wish this could be true. All claimed by the wonderfully deceitful Bruce the goose.
  22. I use my pendulum. And cards daily for many things. For the past 3 months my cards have been reading abundance in money and other areas of my life. My pendulum has correlated with then in yes no and maybe answers. The cards were pointing to somebody from my past whom I was not in communication with returning to my life. He did! 6 weeks ago.
  23. Hi Ezra pound, Great to hear from you. Crystals have been saying a lot about a lot of things in my life and so far it's been correct. For the dinar it is saying early 2019 at a rate of £2 +. Got everything crossed. I am in the same camp as you.
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