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  1. Has any body ever really seen or met one of these so called gurus? I've been in this for several years and never seen or heard one. I have seen evidence of them but, like Santa or the Easter Bunny, no personal meeting.
  2. Excellent story RV ME, thanks for the feel good.
  3. That's right, dis on us down here in the south, but I don't hear anyone sayin' I think I'll retire and move north.
  4. What about Bruce, I mean Caitlyn Jenner. Seems there are plenty of libs who the he/she is very brave.
  5. If we're going to legalize this, why not coke, heroine, PCP, etc?
  6. He gave you a much better gift than ice cream sandwiches. You can't buy grace or mercy. Great story!
  7. He lived just up the road aways from where I live. He was eventually adopted by his biological father, who was a physician from Newport, TN. He was a good Republican.
  8. I don't think any politician is against immigration. We all agree it is good for the country. The problem is the uncontrolled border and benefits to illegals.
  9. Now with that said, don't get your hopes up on low gas prices, because the oil companies have already closed rifineries to get the gas prices back. Even though refineries are closing, that doesn't mean prices will go up soon. They are still producing just as much and demand will remain stagnant. IMO
  10. $44mm collected, but what about the cost to the good people of Colorado?
  11. Sounds like your luck is just like mine. I loooove this country!
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