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  1. "Snap back to reality" ...Hahahaha. For you to think it won't happen for a couple more years, you sure did pick a good time to join... When we're actually right at the "GOAL LINE" of the RV hahaha.
  2. Yesss! The distraction could be a huge plate full of delicious bacon!!! Mmmmm Sorry cisole, just take 1 for the team! Haha
  3. Hope he's right! Let's go RV!
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth! I sure do hope this is it... Hawaii be patient, I'll be on my way soon.
  5. Ahhhhhhhhh! *takes breath* Ahhhhhhhh!!! Almost there I can feel it!
  6. Can i watch?!?!?! Or help??? Pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee You can do all the smacking around...I just want to be the one that holds him down.
  7. Yes! I agree. Just being hopeful!!! Perfect..
  8. Felt like maybe i shouldnt comment on this thread this morning... I had bacon for breakfast. ....sorry pink piggy. Hope it wasnt a dear friend
  9. ....I think I just pee'd a little.... THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!
  10. Whoa...that was deep yo...that was deep... *snaps fingers*
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