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  1. It's all good. I only got -12. It's gotta be those damn Bush Republicans that are after me. hahahaha I thought it to be worse. I got more neg's two years ago when I put those hot chicks as my avatar. They hate Dem and women, go figure.... It's funny reading this stuff and I haven't posted in a long time. To even have a thought that there would be a civil war in America is the funniest comment ever... It's why I posted in the first place. Coookooo... America is fine. Stop asking for money that's not yours and work. Stop crying about working and get something done at work. Looking for a job isn't www... It's actually looking for a job. When you actually work, you don't think about these crazy things." Civil war in America". When visiting me, don't ask me to sign your unemployment paper and you not fill out an application ( I get 10 a week). If you can't change how do you expect America to change?
  2. I'm with you on this!!!! Plus, who do i get to fight? Civil war against who? North where all my family are? or south where i live? Maybe we can have a state to state war? I think Florida can take GA, maybe we (Fl) can take on two states at once? Civil war in America is the craziest thing i have ever heard...... The war will be Dem against Rep. I like the opportunity to see if this gets me some CASH but, some of you are Coookooo!!! America will be fixed when stupid people wake up and realize that the president has little to do with how things are run.... Change yourself first!!! +'s and -'s on this site are silly too. Grown adults show there cowardliness by hitting a little green or red button.. oww scary!!
  3. The funny thing about this is that there was only a bug for the dinar and the dong.... but oh well.... had my hopes high for a night!!! On Sep 7, 2012, at 5:01 AM, wrote:<br class="Apple-interchange-newline"> IQD to USD is crazy or is it? If not, I'm a billionaire and I love u guys. Sent from S****'s iPad Subject: Re: GlobeConvert Free 1.7.1 - Bug Report Hello S****, There was a problem with our server - now all fixed. Just update currency rates manually from inside the app. And thank you very much for reaching out!
  4. Funny thing is it hasn't changed but I don't have it on any other converter. I wish I had my pc to post the picture. It's gotta be a glitch!!! My girls are your if it's true.
  5. My app on my iPhone (globe convert) has alway been on target with all diverters until 5 min ago. I tried posting the pictures but can't figure it out. It says 1 IQD= 1183.88 USD. This is a sick joke. I check it 20x a day. Never done this before. Anyone else have this app? I know it can't be true
  6. Wow, I leave for a month or two and come back to the same stuff..... Like I never left:-/ There is too much chaos over in da Iraqi hood to even think that there will be a revalue.... Keep em in the safe and i will check back in August......
  7. Can you please send me your ebay address. I'd like to buy more!! Okay, I'm lying, I just want to check your profile and see how much you have sold.. Nothing personal.... I just don't believe anyone who brags about their wealth...
  8. I do that too.. I have 1 dollar and I will tell myself I have 100 dollars to make myself feel more wealthy. Now that I'm invested in dinars, I tell people i'm a millionaire. They never ask what country i'm a millionaire in:-) and I never offer the truth. Million is a million... who cares where it is from!!! *i'm sticking with that tiny little fib!!
  9. Interesting post... I say we help out umbertino and invest in organized crime in Italy. He will be the ring leader and we will be the investors. I'm down!! We can start our own crime family at a distance. Less chance of getting caught. We will need a family name...hmmm a name that ends in an O.... Guro crime family Dinaro crime family Dinarveto crime family* (liking this one) This will be our security blanket in case this investment takes years to develop. I've always wanted to be a bad guy, but don't want to be behind bars. I'm afraid of big guys with tattoos names Blutto or Brutus...
  10. hahaha I didn't even notice the date... Are they telling us that on that date it still won't be Rv? Maybe they are sick of the gurus too and want some relieve for a couple three weeks... Can anyone give neg/positives? I keep getting "action failed"....
  11. How about we post it when it does change and not every day or other day!!! Waste of KB on the server!
  12. Smoke? Do you mean the smoke that is still burning from the bombs we launched? There economy has been growing and there has to come a time when they say RV or here's our new currency and the other is useless.... I have a gut feeling it will be one of those. I don't think they will cut the 000's... Them buying all there currency back is a plan to get money into the hands of the locals and then pull the plug on the rest of us.. I'm no brain, but I think I have read other country's doing something along this line Or maybe it was a dream.... Can they get all their currency out of there country and then come out with a new one? Why isn't this being talked about as an option? Or is it not an option.. anyone know?
  13. I am tired and have no energy... Can't you remember the target date and post it for me or whom ever wants it? Please Plus, I stopped , reading when I left high school... College was a blur, can't remember if I read there so I'm guessing i didn't
  14. I was making a funny..... TMZ HAHAHA JOKE..... Didn't you also see "DOG" "MRI" which i had two days ago for my back.. It was a joke.. My wife didn't get it either..... Maybe I went to high this time.
  15. It's the opinion of TheRock, not Papster... Copy/Paste Although there are some solid points, these have been the same points in every dang post/blog/TMZ/ABC/NBC/FOX/DOG/MRI... This stuff is just recycled over and over again with different posters... Google his point of interest and you will see Make it rain....
  16. The Iraqi National Accord While still recovering in hospital from the attack, Allawi started organising an opposition network to work against the government of Saddam Hussein. Through the 1980s he built this network, recruiting Iraqis while traveling as a businessman and for the UNDP. After reading about this allawi dude. I noticed that even Wiki has spelling problems.... It's okay, If we were all perfect it would be boring!
  17. What is "controling"? you used the word twice and I don't understand:-/ You mean "controlling"? I'm guessing your spell check is terrible too:-/ control (third-person singular simple present controls, present participle controlling, simple past and past participle controlled)
  18. I agree Breitling likes to hear himself talk. He was the only one I listened to when I bought my first 1mil of dinars. He made so much sense I bought many more. (he hooked me). I slowly realized that he was talking in circles and sometimes wouldn't make any sense. I never understood the reason for buying the lower denoms and still don't today. If they are going to get rid of this currency, it will be all of it, not just the bigger notes. The only good that comes from listening to him is he doesn't bury himself with a rate or time. If you have listened for a year or more you have heard all the topics over and over again. He really doesn't know anymore than he reads on the internet. He just reads more than most and is why he is so knowledgeable about it. He is a good listen if you are new and don't understand what is going on or you need to be told that this is a good investment over and over again. Keep in mind: This is kind of like gambling, you may or may not win..... When you can except it, you will be at peace and you will laugh your a** off at the rumor section. It makes me laugh every other day I visit... I have excepted that I may have wasted my money, but I refuse to give up... I have many stocks that have gone south and this is no better than some smuck ruining my 401k with a gut feeling on stocks.
  19. Dude... It's a rumor section!!!!! Maybe you need to stay in the other sections and not come in here!!!! You get jerked around because you visit the RUMOR SECTION. Santa isn't real and neither are anything in the RUMOR SECTION!!! hello....hello.... Why give anyone negs if they are doing what all you other tools are doing (copy and paste from another site)? You people make no sense sometimes..... So, if dinar thug copies and pastes these things you say "thanks for the update"... but if this guy does it you give him -16 in negatives. Real bunch of grownups!!! Maybe Bump and Adam need to explain what a rumor page is....
  20. I have read all 1k pages of this post and was on board up to now.... You have lost me at "and yes someone knew etc etc." Oh, boy... I need a drink to try to get on track with trying to figure out who and what he is talking about... Help me and speak slow and with bigger words (please). I may be wrong, but the lost money was found!!! Somewhere I read or heard this!!
  21. hahaha..... he did make for an interesting day. I was wondering how I would get through the day and bam!! It's been slow at work and this is kind of like counseling for me. Being a salesman and having to "fib" a little to get work, I know see the outcome and will make it a new years resolution to not tell too many "fibs" this year. My wife says I will fail!!! Great support...
  22. I think he's been watching all along and wondering if his boot on the ground informer actually had boots. Maybe the informer had horns and a pitchfork and sat on his shoulder, especially after a few redbulls... Boy have I been there!!!! Ask my wife, many times...many.
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