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  1. The janitor at my bank was cleaning the glass on the front door yesterday, must mean an RV is near!
  2. Wish they'd hurry up so I can buy my 2014 Corvette Stingray. JK, I enjoy these rumors but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. 250K is about the same as I have. Nice story thanks!
  4. Cool, look forward to reading about this later! Thanks for the post!
  5. I have the coins, I have 2 quarters a dime and 13 pennies in my pocket. Thanks Obama!
  6. ROFL @ certificates of authenticity ROFL!!!!!! Best used as toilet paper or fire kindling. Anyone bringing in the fancy piece of paper to prove it's real will only embarrass themselves when the bankers die laughing. It;'s's don't need any proof of where you got currency other than if you are claiming it as a long term investment , then you'd need to show ya owned it for a year. EBAY is a perfectly fine place to buy Dinar. It would cost more to make fake dinar than the bills are worth at this point.
  7. What they really need is a committee to study the committee. Of course first that would require a study to decide if there should be a committee, which would require a committee to decide who should do the study.......
  8. Funny how the same people who rip into Okie's zombie followers go crazy with negative comments when anyone else but Adam is mentioned as a credible source Adam Montana, Breitling and Phoenix are all good guys imo even though they don't say the same things and I may not always agree with everything one says.
  9. It's all a bunch of made up BS from the pumpers. Ignore it.
  10. LOL you are confusing Breitling with Phoenix. Phoenix is the Mayan,planets lined up,mars in the moon of orion on the 6th Wednesday after the eclipse guy.
  12. Why people make such a big deal about this machine is beyond me. It counts/checks many different currencies including Iraqi Dinar. Are banks using it for Iraqi Dinar? Of course not they don't currently accept Iraqi Dinar! Will a bank have to have one to exchange Dinar in the future? Nope. Anyone who has ever dealt with large amounts of cash has surely seen the teller put your money in the counter, it also checks each note for authenticity.Occasionally (if a bill is creased,written on etc.) it stops counting if it detects a problem at which point the teller usually checks the bill manually or
  13. We have an idiotic left wing socialist dictator in the White House who would love to take everyone's guns away if he could find a way to do that. Barack Hussein Obama and his leftist clan of Constitution haters are working furiously to take away your rights. Buy as many guns as you can. Barack Hussein Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. Don't forget to vote in November EVEN IF your favorite guy doesn't get the nomination. We are in a world of hurt if that incompetent,misguided lefty gets another term. Anyone ,Anyone, Anyone but him! If you voted for Obama to prove you w
  14. Okie will get what he has coming. No need for violence. No internet access where he's going Give it time.
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