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  1. Most stories are basically the same... We all heard of this investment opportunity from someone who told us it would happen like 'next' week and we bit the HOOK... now all we can do is wait and see. Everything is heading in the right direction however slower than was implied. We are expecting for this to literally change our lives,,, so we wait.. with a little song in our hearts and lunch pail in our hands...
  2. I must say of Terry K... he is leading the way on research and intel of the Iraqi Dinar.. He's been a bit premature but only a couple of times.. He gets such high priviledged information that he has to filter what actually be let out to those like us who don't connect at the top of the chain... I'm sure we will see who is right and who is wrong.. no matter which BASE they are on..
  3. One thing that I've noticed every year since I've been on this train.. every year at Easter time, the guru's information goes wild. Everybody knows that a Muslim nation is not going to revalue their money at Easter time. Maybe around the time that they celebrate Ramadon or some other Muslim holiday but NOT Easter.. sit back down, buckle your seat belt and wait till the train comes to a complete stop at the gate..Happy Easter
  4. How do you actually post this kinda message.. even if no one knows who you are, You do! Must be some fiction writer that needs a job.. Anyway, Got in can't get out until the RV happens.. riding along listening to the wind blow through my hair and singing this song, "Happy Trails to you, until we meet again".
  5. Well, it's nice to see that no one and nothing ever changes in the DinarWorld as it turns.....have to laugh though, some of us were sucked into it years ago.. lol When I got in July 2009, I was praying that it would not revalue before I received my dinar from the dealer.. ha ha on me... Although, I believe with many thousands of my hard earned dollars that it will RV but just don't know when..
  6. Just read on Med's site.. he now puts on stock in this report at all. "Sorry to be the bearer' but no need to keep expecting when it's not going to happen as reported
  7. I've been looking for a long time and I can't figure out where POSSUM has got off to. Anybody that has heard from him please post that information... He's kinda like Superman.. you know ... shows up just in time to save us al
  8. Possum Opossum Everything to do with Possum Opossum items. Easy Possum Removal. Get Rid of Possums - Easily, Safely Get Rid of that Opossum Pest Now. This was just to funny.. found it on top of page as advertising... Riverman
  9. It would seem to many of Possum's faithful, we have been left out in the cold. How can he continue to be silent in view of all the reports coming out.. Come on POSSUM,,speak to us
  10. Like one guy said, "I feel so much better now that I've given up hope.".
  11. Old news article, new date....... not much here
  12. You can count me in on that TEXAS millionaire thingy
  13. You've got to just 'give it' to Possum. When he's wrong,, he just comes up with yet another date and rate.. He makes the whole waiting game worth it.. Keep up the good work Possum. without you we would all be in the dark.
  14. I'll help you bubba, Step 1.. put all your dinar in to a secure envelope and mail then to Me. Step 2.) Go to bed early because the new job you're gonna have to get starts at 6 am Step 3.) Be sure to send Uncle Obama the rest of your paycheck for the rest of your life. Step 4.) Send Me a Thank You letter for making this process so easy for you.
  15. I"m an ardent follower of Possum.. Of all the intel we recieve, his is probably the most reliable. Was wondering if he found the RV and just playing 'dead' while the rest of us are running around like chickens with our heads cut off, looking for this RV. any thoughts.....
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