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  1. TASC preliminary financial report: 200% cash dividend Asiacell's (TASC) 1Q13 brief P&L results Asiacell's (TASC) 1Q13 brief P&L results Sales: IQD566bn, +9% y/y, EBITDA**: IQD276bn, -3% y/y, (EBITDA margin**: 48.7% in 1Q13, decreased from 54.8% in 1Q12), Net Profit: IQD155bn, -6 y/y. (**RS calculation) Original shares of Asiacell (TASC) will resume trading on June 2, 2013 after the decision to distribute 200% cash dividend (IQD2.0 per share) from its 2012 profit. News archive
  2. Until the ISX is tradeable through Etrade and Scottrade and platforms of the like. It will be so much faster.
  3. Yes Trinity I agree. The land deal is going to come into play IMO without a doubt. That is one of the reasons I like IBPM they have been established since 1962. They have got to be sitting on some decent property. They "had" a really low float its only 540,000,000 outstanding shares according to the ISX website which is not the most up to date source of info in the world but about all we got. They did just offer 100% paid up shares which if that was completely filled would double the float still not to terribly high for a "penny stock". You can tell the float is still low because the stock changes pretty radically with very little volume. I think we got about 2 to 3 years and we will be blowing full steam ahead on the ISX and we will have a decent value on the dinar. If they can get the ISX on Scottrade and Etrade o'boy here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I own shares in several stocks but the one thing I have asked many times is what is going to happen to the actual amount of shares we own post rv lets say at 1 to 1? If we own for example 2 million shares in company XYZ what will the number of shares be at an exchange rate of 1 to 1. I trade penny stocks right now on the OTCBB and Pink sheets and what we are buying on the ISX right now is basically penny stocks. With a drastic change in the currency exchange rate these companies are going to be worth multi millions of dollars without lets say a reverse split, which is what I could possibly forsee happening. Clothing companies, rug companies, paint companies, would be worth more than apple, microsoft, exxon etc. Level 2 for Iraq would be very nice better than that though to be able to trade the ISX on Etrade and Scottrade and other brokers. Any thoughts on the subject of post rv shares would be much appreciated.
  5. What is your thoughts for the Asiacell share price once this starts to trade this week? How high do you think it will rise before it takes a breather and dips? Just Wondering. Im thinking of a high of 44 low of about 11. We will see.
  6. Hey moneysoon, rights, trinity, and anyone I forgot. Let me know what the new thread is. I hope y'all do well on the IPO I opted to wait for the dip. Better have your sell orders ready in case big investors go to dumping. Use your gains to honor Christ and His work. Sunday should be interesting. Hey moneysoon, rights, trinity, and anyone I forgot. Let me know what the new thread is. I hope y'all do well on the IPO I opted to wait for the dip. Better have your sell orders ready in case big investors go to dumping. Use your gains to honor Christ and His work. Sunday should be interesting.
  7. I am sitting out on the IPO going to wait. The stocks I have are doing well for me and I would have to sell a bunch to get in. One good thing is that Asiacell is exposing the ISX to the whole world which should in turn bring in more liquidity. Historically speaking IPOs drop shortly after they are listed not always but usually do. We will see a spike in price then buy on the dip. Trading on the ISX is definiately not like the Nasdaq or NYSE. It really depends on your broker and how fast they do their job. You can email them the paperwork but they must not be lazy and do their job. In my opinion in the future we will be able to trade on the ISX through a broker like Scottrade and Etrade after the dinar has been given some value to it. Getting in and out of Asiacell fast enough to make a profit is one of the reasons why I am not buying into the IPO going to wait on the dip in the price after it list if there is one.
  8. IBPM dropped because they offered 100% paid up shares which basically diluted the market by 100%. Give or take some. In other words they put 100% more shares into the market therefore cutting the price in half.
  9. Hey Rights, Still here my friend. Just watching this Asiacell thing silently. I know my broker seems pretty excited, I dont know if that is the right word, maybe persistant that I buy Asiacell. We just don't have enough info. My have to step out on faith on this one. We will see. I haven't gone anywhere though still here been busy with penny stocks. Iraq is coming along you can slowly see it. They do not operate on a western time log. They go at a snails pace. But they are passing the right policies and laws. Its coming, got into this on a five year plan just started my third year. The ISX is a reflection of their economy so this will be a big sign for the rest of the year. GO RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Weather Local National Forecast Severe Weather Alerts Winter Storm Central Safety & Preparedness Farming Lifestyle Social Maps Video News TV SEARCH Share Tweet Baghdad, Iraq Weather Right Now 55°F Mostly Cloudy Feels like 55°F Yesterday Right Now Today Hourly Tomorrow Weekend 5 Day 10 Day Monthly Video Forecast Map Forecasts Ski Home & Garden Cold & Flu Travel Take the weather with me: Mobile Desktop Tablet 5 Day ForecastUpdated: Dec 25, 2012, 10:06pm Local Time Today Dec 26 65°F 42°F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: NW at 15 mph Details Thu Dec 27 63° 40° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: NNW at 9 mphY Details Fri Dec 28 63° 40° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: WNW at 5 mph Details Sat Dec 29 63° 41° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: SW at 3 mph Details Sun Dec 30 62° 39° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0% WIND: SW at 4 mph Details 10 Day Forecast
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