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  1. Iraq has always needed $Billions to build a modern infrastructure and a civilized society for it's people!
  2. Still ridiculous to even think that the IQD value would stay the same while smaller notes get released in great quantity?
  3. If the IQD revalues, then the Iranian banks wealth will increase dramatically! But would't this defeat the purpose of sanctions on Iran?
  4. They are waiting for the outcome of the Singapore Summit! LOL!!
  5. Just checked my account and no large deposits made so far. So I can only assume that I am still in the ISX.
  6. I sent them everything they requested not once but twice. Warka never replied to the receipt of my documents by email. I did not send my originals from 2011 as they opened up my account originally by accepting certified documents by email anyway.
  7. This article is 2 months old. We all know that things change quickly in Iraq!
  8. "Iraq is witnessing during the current stage a great openness by Arab banks and there is a desire to open branches of Gulf banks inside Iraq," Ok! then let's open new banks with a real currency value!
  9. Over the years they have decried corruption. But only in the recent months have so many economists, politicians and others come out against the CBI Currency Auctions! The Auctions are on overtime....Suddenly!!!
  10. Today I applied for an Al Karmal account. I'm so used to crappy service from Warka, will I have to wait until Christmas to get a reply? LOL!!
  11. Thanks brob! Do you have a link to Al Karmal?
  12. I finished sending my 2nd request to transfer stocks. In addition all the original correspondence with emails from 2011 establishing my ISX trading account in the first place with Warka. I'll let you all know if Warka Brokerage responds.
  13. I sent Warka Brokerage a request for stock transfer on February 2nd and have yet to even receive a reply. I do have my original certified copy's of all documentation needed from Warka back in 2011. I will re-send these documents by E-mail as there can be no expiration date on a certified document. But I'm apprehensive about sending my originals to the named address. Any comments or advice?
  14. I think it’s a good idea to separate my investments from Warka and now I have the opportunity. I don’t want all my eggs in one basket anyway. I feel that I’m going to make more money 💰 in the ISX than anywhere else.
  15. NMP2017, Thanks so much for the heads up on this.I sent out an authorization letter 2 months ago on the proxy issue and never heard a thing back from Warka. In my new Authorization letter I felt the need to also state that my Authorization to transfer all Stocks and Shares were to include any Stocks and Shares acquired as a result of dividends paid to myself XXXXXd X. XXXXXXXXX and or issued to the proxy company. I needed to say this just in case anything acquired was to be confiscated by the proxy company. I may not have needed to say this but why not see to it that all the bases are cov
  16. I hope this is Al-Monsour Paharmaceuticals (IMAP) they are talking about. I bought 200,000 shares of it back in 2012.
  17. They still would have to open up at their real rate and not the current program rate that they would have us believe they are worth. Otherwise there would be a run on the Dinar beyond the 2% + or -
  18. Oh Yes! We don't really need your bond money! We just wanted to prove to the world that we could attract investors! These guys are gaming the international community! IMO............
  19. Thanks JB for the instructions. This evening I followed your direction and requested an update on my stock holdings and the process for authentication papers transferred out of proxy status into my good name. I will update when I know more.
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