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  1. I have been suspicious of this tragedy That happened in Florida. It happened on Valentines day and it just happened to be on ash Wednesday. All of the big tragedy's regarding guns have been way different than what we see on TV. This is a very possible scenario.
  2. Lots of things going on. It's a very big swamp.
  3. Divemaster is this your thoughts or is this a article? If its yours then you are/were a delegate? If so it is very discouraging indeed. I have been thinking the elections are actually selections myself.
  4. It's stuff like this that the Clinton's have been enjoying for decades. Just think of all the other politicians riding the Clinton train to riches at the peoples risk and expense.
  5. If she goes down she will take Obumer with her plus many more. That is why she is not behind bars right now. IMO
  6. I am a proud supporter of Judicial Watch. These guys are doing some fantastic work at exposing the massive political corruption and Hillarious Clinton is the Queen of it.
  7. I'm excited too. I just hope we can make it until he gets into office.
  8. All the ones who can bring her to justice are crooks too. It will take the rise of the people to bring down the crooks and the elites they work for.
  9. The kind of real change we have been looking for is in the works!
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