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  1. Wow this is getting serious!! It would sure help end the internal fighting long term to ditch the Maliki, but could also start a civil war! Lets pray they can impliment Erbil and play nice.... S
  2. Well its about time they give us something to smile about. I dont know about anyone else but the news has been less than good of late God, please dont let them screw this up somehow! Lets git R done!!
  3. Wow, Those Plastic surgeons are getting too good Wouldnt want to be the guy hooking up and find out after the fact
  4. The three-day Arab summit, the first to be held in Baghdad in more than two decades, opens Tuesday March 27 after Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates obtained a promise from Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki not to invite Iran and receive only a low-ranking Syrian official. Although Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was invited to former summits, Maliki bowed to those conditions because he badly needed to boost Iraq’s credibility in the Arab world and demonstrate its recovery from years of violence. And so, Iran will be absent and Syria represented by its foreign Minsiter Walid Moallem - not by is president, Bashar Assad. Gulf rulers also insisted in a low-profile Palestinian delegation. Palestinian leaders are in low standing in most Gulf Arab capitals these days. Egypt is to send a low-ranking delegation because its acting ruler, Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, is unable to leave Cairo in the tense weeks leading up to the first post-Mubarak presidential election in June and the general state of domestic unrest. Two days before the summit opening, Baghdad and its environs are in heavy security lockdown to ward off terrorist threats: Around 100,000 extra security forces were drafted in to man hundreds checkpoints along with SWAT teams. War-weary Baghdad citizens complain about huge traffic jams and other disruptions. Large security and military teams armed with advanced anti-terrorist electronic gear have also flown in ahead of the Arab rulers. At the same time, Western sources familiar with conditions in Iraq are skeptical about these blanket security measures being 100 percent proof against the various terrorist organizations active in Iraq, especially the local al Qaeda affiliate. Its lairs have never been so close to such an important gathering of Arab big wheels in one place. Even a small attack in their general neighborhood would give any terrorist group unprecedented propaganda exposure and is therefore an opportunity not to be missed. It might help that al Qaeda gets most of its funding from Iraqi Sunni factions supported by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf emirates. They might well have forked out extra bonuses as incentives for al Qaeda to keep the peace for the three days of the summit, although the maze of violent groups in Baghdad is such that no one can be sure of controlling them. Conducting the event in the heavily-fortified Green Zone of Baghdad, seat of government and foreign embassies, is no guarantee of safety. Even this enclosed enclave is frequently prey to mortar and rocket fire. Western security experts also point out that Syrian President Bashar Assad has a beef with most Arab rulers, who denounce his brutality, especially those supporting the anti-regime rebels with arms and cash. Only three months ago, Prime Minster al-Maliki accused Assad of sending terrorists to Baghdad to blow up explosives-packed cars and shell Iraqi government and foreign embassy buildings. Iraqi intelligence experts are convinced that the heavy rocket attack on Turkish embassy in Baghdad, January 18, was carried out as warning message from Damascus to Ankara to stop meddling in the Syrian crisis.
  5. Well, which is it... This just came out a few days ago stating Washington had given stern warnings to the Kurds on seeking statehood An urgent message from Washington, change the point of Barzani's speech from the "Declaration of the State" to "attack" on Maliki Thursday, March 22, 0.2012 at 22:49 There is a situation of questioning wonder what happened in the last minutes before the wed Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, "human", which promised them, and what the reasons that led him to change the point of his speech the day before yesterday on the occasion of festival of Nowruz, the "Declaration of self-determination" to step up the attack against Nuri al-Maliki and those around him. While the hundreds of thousands of Kurds are waiting for, what he called Barzani to "human", which promised them a week ago at the "Democratic Youth Union of Kurdistan," came out Barzani on everyone to say "a lot of people who call and ask us to announce today Bushra great for the people of Kurdistan , so we assure you that that day is coming, God Almighty to declare that the human, but they must be in good time, but be assured and that the human is bound to come. " Information obtained by the Agency Ambassador News (Ambassador News) of the Iraqi political sources well-informed, confirm that Barzani received by the speech of human warnings stern of the Americans, guaranteeing the abandonment of Washington full for the region and raising her hand with him in case the announcement of "self-determination" and the Declaration of "Kurdish state". According to sources, the same political, the urgent message reached the Office of Massoud Barzani of the office, "the Democratic Party of Kurdistan" in Washington, which included the U.S. State Department told them (the Representation of the Democratic Party in Washington) does not agree to any step taken by Barzani to declare self-determination in Kurdistan and the United States does not assume the consequences of this Declaration, and the consequences of risk. He also received Barzani, a phone call from U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad James Jeffrey, and held meetings urgent among advisers Americans in the territory of Kurdistan and the leaders of the Democratic Party, there was all to object to the move to self-determination Kurdish in this period, and the threat of lining from the American side of the withdrawal of Washington's hands of the protection of Kurdistan. The sources the same political receiving Barzani a message from President Jalal Talabani, in which he stressed his opposition to any declaration suggests to declare "independence" and the formation of the "state of Kurdistan", and assured him that such a declaration would put the region at risk and the loss of all the achievements made so far, which are Declaration of the essence of the achievements of self-determination and declaration of the state of Kurdistan, without raising the Iraqi public and neighboring countries. " All of these things pushed Barzani to change the point of his speech of glad tidings "Declaration of the State" to "massive assault" against al-Maliki, accusing him of manufacturing a new dictatorship and expressing his desire to dismiss al-Maliki, Hussein Shahristani, the deputy prime minister for energy, from Mnesbhma and unwillingness severe dealing with them. Read more:
  6. I was just thinking... Wouldn't it make more sense to see the RV after the Arab summit? The fact that they need calm and stability as they host the worlds Arab Leaders would include keeping Armed groups holding Dinars in check. I would think there will quite a bit of excitement and maybe even a mass of newly rich Iraqis enjoying a Dinar fueled buying orgy From now till the Summit Airports are closed, security is tight as a drum and I just don't see them taking a chance with something as big as a currency change until right after their guest's are gone. That wouldn't keep them from having everything ready and even discuss rates/trade agreements and then make the thing POP if they get release of Seven. We see articles now talking about implementing Custom Tariff laws in June as part of ascension into the WTO as well as relief from the debt that has kept them down thus far. Gosh it feels so close I can almost taste it
  7. sams401k

    MED chat

    It's something But...I swear this is not new and I remember reading the same amounts months ago. At least that's what I remember...
  8. The way I see it is the GOV/CBI contributed to the fall of Warka by pulling all of their funds (In the billions) out of all non Gov owned banks. It basically happened all at once and they were no longer able to cover depositors funds with all the loans out etc. I wonder what the end game was, to then take over?? Just something I was trying to piece together....
  9. Wow after reading this and the article about stoning kids for having long hair and looking "EMO" it just crystalizes the fact (at least to me) that these religious extremists are truly lead by satan himself. Jesus said "you will know them by their fruits" Its disturbing to realize how insideous Satan is by leading a group to Kill in the Name of God not knowing thats the last thing he would ask of them. God must be Horrified at mans ability to twist his will to suit their sick predjudices
  10. Is it just me, or is the 18 billion Dinars laughable. They are talking about building 10 THOUSAND schools and 500 Health clinics, Hospitals,water plants etc. It changes to dollars which makes more sense. I cant help but think with all the infastructure to be built, they have to go big! I dont know of any other war torn nation that have so much to build and so many countries and investors lining up to set up shop and rebuild. It all seems so clear what seemingly "must happen" when you see this unfolding... At least until you read the next smokescreen Sam
  11. Sooooo that takes us to $8600 per million if and when that happens, anyone??
  12. Tqueezy, what technique are you using? Have dabbled with Monroe process a bit.. Thx Sam
  13. GG, hey whats your email so i can send you something paypal. it wont be much, but things sound rougher there than I have it right now.... Message me, says I cant message you.
  14. I guess I don't understand how and why they are advertising this without having pushed the button. They likely know how much dinar is circulating and have it covered, but still makes you say WTF. Expected more of a thief in the night like Adam said.... S
  15. Im sure i will get torn to shreds for my ignorance, but I remember reading that they had reduced the in country cash to 4 trillion through the auctions. So based on what your saying and the fact that the oil they are selling cost them only a few dollars a barrel to process (being light sweet crude) it seems plausible to hit one to one.... S
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