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  1. Wow, a pig, a thug and me here at the same time. No wonder it's 75 degrees in New Jersey. Happy everything to everyone.
  2. The sad part is we continue to view his waste of space on this site.
  3. Happy belated b'day Thug. Hope it was a good one. I ordered a RV for your party, just waiting for it to arrive.
  4. And can someone explain to me how and why we are friends with a country like this? They are little more than a wing of isis that is recognized as a country. Our gov has to get its priorities straight.
  5. I think he enjoys watching isis mess with the west. A good distraction from his incursions to the west of his own.
  6. I wonder if they will try anything with Russians? They are a nation full of Christians, therefore they are "infidels". I wonder what would happen if/when they try to attack or harm someone of Russian descent? Will Putin respond? Will he come guns blazing? Will he even care what they do unless they step foot on his soil?
  7. I truly hope they have something up their sleeve. Even obummer isn't dumb enough to announce when they will be coming. Is he? I don't the other world powers are that dumb to announce their plans. Then again, we are talking about a group led by our supreme idiot.
  8. cooked


    When did Louigi become such an idiot?
  9. And of course the good old United Nations condemns the actions of these barbarians and will revisit the situation in six months. Useless bunch of idiots they are.
  10. I wonder what he thinks? Does he sit back enjoying the way all our energies are focused on the middle east? Is he sitting there waiting to pounce? What will he do if they head his way? Will he respond the way we wish our leaders would do? Part of me wishes isis would attack russia just to see his response. What are your thoughts?
  11. I pray for your safety big U. Stay safe.
  12. I pray for you Umbertino. I hope you never see them at your shores.
  13. Let us not forget the good old United Nations. All they are good for is making statements like this should not be tolerated and so forth. The whole world needs to realize this scourge will be on everyones doorsteps soon if nothing is done. Maybe nuclear is the only way to end all this. The sad part of that is the enormous amount of collateral damage that would come with it. Maybe this is the beginning of the end as we know it?
  14. This is not a religious thing. This is a group of extremely sick people who just want to see people killed. They are using religion as a reason, but they just want to kill. I do not think anyone can find any religion that tells its' followers to kill others. They are just deranged people that need to be exterminated as fast as possible. sadly we, the U.S., need to put serious boots on the ground and go kick some major a$$. Take no prisoners, shoot them all and let GOD sort them out. These people are pure evil and must die. They have a date in hell and are late for the appointment.
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