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  1. Hi Adam, Can the RV happen any day of the week, any week and or any month if the year or would it happen only during certain times of the year?
  2. I don’t think now or the beginning of 2019 makes any difference! It appears the banks are ready. What is important for the Iraqi people is to get it done. To do that they need to wrap up taking care of the corruption and counterfeiting > pass the HCL > get the lower denominations out > & then start the float!
  3. Hello Adam, And adding to the previous question... what three 0 notes do you think they will want to take out of circulation? Do you think there is any chance they will not be taking the 5,000 note out of circulation?
  4. If/when the Dinar RVs can Trump have any influence on how this income is taxed and if so, would you think it would be to our benefit? Thanks and I appreciate all that you do Adam!
  5. Adam, While it would be nice for us investors, it is much more important for the people of Iraq to get the RV! With all the big good news starting in July 2014, with Abadi spearheading it and Maliki out and knowing you feel the HCl must be in place before an RV. I was wondering what you think is the underlying cause for the delay of the RV?
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