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  1. MM 10/23/2018. 13 17 32 36 66 MB 21 PB 10/2402018. 09 17 22 37 57 PB 05
  2. yaker

    Questions For Adam's Update 3-8-2017

    Hello Adam, And adding to the previous question... what three 0 notes do you think they will want to take out of circulation? Do you think there is any chance they will not be taking the 5,000 note out of circulation?
  3. yaker

    Questions For Adam's Update 11-16-2016

    If/when the Dinar RVs can Trump have any influence on how this income is taxed and if so, would you think it would be to our benefit? Thanks and I appreciate all that you do Adam!
  4. yaker

    Questions for Adam's Update 8-5-2015

    Adam, While it would be nice for us investors, it is much more important for the people of Iraq to get the RV! With all the big good news starting in July 2014, with Abadi spearheading it and Maliki out and knowing you feel the HCl must be in place before an RV. I was wondering what you think is the underlying cause for the delay of the RV?
  5. yaker

    Questions for Adam's Update 11-26-2014

    Hi Adam, Do you think the big drop in oil prices will affect the RV and if so how? Thanks to you and all your staff for all that you do. Have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you at the other end.
  6. yaker

    Adam Montana weekly - November 5, 2014

    Both parties need to be kicked to kingdom come. We need to clean house! You can't trust most of congressman or senators! They are out for themselves! Our political system is broken! We need to get rid of the lobbyists who have the congressman/senators in their back pockets and we need to get rid of the system that allows the likes of the Koch Brother to buy the elections, both on the Democrat and Republican sides! And we need to get rid of pork barreling! Just saying!!!!
  7. yaker

    Adam Montana weekly - September 24 2014

    Thanks to you Adam and all those behind the scenes!!!!!!!! Hopefully the RV is just around the corner from the approval of the HCL but nobody knows for sure if/when it will take place.There maybe more issues on the table that have to be resolved before it happens! Let's just hope it is not a LOP!!!!!
  8. Yes Jo Biden was in Aspen on Saturday. I passed his 40-car motorcade as he was headed back to the Eagle/Vail Airport because his plane was too big to fly into Aspen. And yes....there were countless LARGE private planes at the Aspen airport. The event that Biden attended and spoke on global issues was sponsored by the private equity firm Forstmann Little & Co. The "invite-only gathering" is an annual event. He was reportedly participating in a discussion with Charlie Rose on Saturday. There is a brouhaha over the cost incurred by local governments to help provide protection for Biden. As reported in the local newspaper state Hwy 82 was shut down for two hours ....probably over the course of two days for is trip to and from Aspen.
  9. yaker

    Adam Montana weekly September 9 2014

    Thanks Adam!!!!!!!!! Come on Budget and HCL!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yaker

    What's The Rate Going To Be?

    If it does not revalue near Kuwaiti dinar value of $3.48, I believe it will rise to that value within a year!
  11. yaker


    ALJAZEER Iraq's parliament approves new government Haider al-Abbadi officially named Iraq's new PM and most ministerial posts filled following political wrangling. Iraq's parliament has officially named Haider al-Abbadi the country's new prime minister and approved most of his minister candidates. The defence and interior minister posts were left empty after the vote. Outgoing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was given the largely ceremonial post of vice president. Monday's vote was preceded by intense political bargaining and it remained uncertain until the last minute whether Kurdish MPs would back the government. Speaking in parliament, Abbadi pledged to resolve disputes with the country's autonomous Kurdish region. "My government is committed to solve all suspended issues with the Kurdistan Regional Government," he said in a speech outlining his proposed government programme. Abbadi vowed to head the interior and defence ministries himself for a week until a new parliamentary vote is held to fill the empty positions. The proposed interior minister candidate was a controversial leader of a Shia militia that has fought against the Islamic State group that has taken control of large parts of Iraq. The Kurdish political bloc had debated for hours on Monday whether or not to participate in the government as the session began, and no Kurds had initially been present at the meeting aside from President Fuad Masum. After the parliament session began, the Kurdish bloc walked in and registered their names. The Kurdish region and Baghdad are at odds over various long-running disputes on issues including territory and the country's vast oil and gas resources. Relations between the two sides worsened considerably this year over what the Kurds said were late and insufficient payments by Baghdad to the region, which saw salaries in Kurdistan go unpaid. Iraqi and Kurdish forces, backed by US fighter jets, are currently fighting in Iraq's north to retake towns captured by the Islamic State group, that controls swathes of territory in Iraq and neighbouring Syria. Iraq has been under heavy international pressure to approve a broad-based government to unite the various communities against the Islamic State. The outgoing government has faced criticism that by alienating the Sunni Arabs, it helped create conditions that revitalised Sunni rebel groups.
  12. Nadita is right. We cling to anything that gives us HOPE! Why, because it picks us up and puts a smile on our face and a good feeling in our gut!
  13. yaker

    Questions for Adam's Update 4-2-2014

    Thanks Adam for keeping us level headed! I know you have stated the HCL has to happen before an RV but what do you think of the comment I read that states an RV has to happen before the HCL can be funded and implemented? Read more: (deleted link to another dinar website)
  14. yaker

    Questions for Adam's Update 3-5-2014

    Adam, once gain thanks for all you and your staff do!!!! How does Iraq's WTO accession or lack thereof affect the RV?
  15. yaker

    Questions For Adam's Chat 2-19-2014

    Thanks to you and all your staff for this great honest web site!!! With all the encouraging news over the last two weeks, in your estimation and we won't hold you to it.......... Do you expect the RV to happen in the next two months or earlier or do you think we are talking about 4-6 months or a year or longer????

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