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  1. Hey Barbara...Are Muslins another offshoot of Muslims?...It's hard for me to keep up with all the factions of Terror groups.
  2. @nstoolman1 Great one! Short version...clean the sugar off the picnic table and the mexi-ants quit coming.
  3. I don't think anybody is claiming "humans are illegal". That's stupid. They're/we're claiming they're "here illegal." Which is why they are referred to as "Illegal aliens". Which they are, if they snuck in or over stayed their visa. This PC crap has got to go. Political Correctness is to the 1st Amendment, what gun control is to the 2nd.
  4. "Healthcare Billionaire"...that was all I needed to see. Who cares who he's voting for? So what?
  5. Tower of Babel? Remember what happened when they tried that before? The ME is already being scattered around the world. Huummm
  6. It's astonishing just how downright ignorant, blind and just plain stupid the typical Democrat is...You can show them the positive proof that their party has been hijacked and that they are no longer represented by the Democratic party of old and they'll still vote for Democrats because they are just that stupid. I have a Democrat friend...we were best of friends from childhood...I've showed him what has happened to his party and throw in what I think is wrong with mine, he still squawks about the old 1960's party, because his grandfather was a Dem. Senator in Texas back in the 70's. He is stuck on stupid. My Dad was a Democrat when I was a kid...I remember him saying, their values were no longer what he expected of them and he was switching to Repugs. If he were still alive today he would probably be an Independent. Why is Donald Trump No.1 in the polls? I think it's because Conservatives are smart enough to see what has happened to the Repugs and are sick of the Repug politicians. Who's the No.1 Democrat? Well, there's your proof how stupid Democrats are. Case closed.
  7. I think I'll fly to Turkey and sneak across the border searching for a better life in the EU...Do they hand out welfare to illegals like the U.S. does? Or are they that stupid?
  8. Some Hildebeast lover thew a ruby your way...I nixed it, cause I'm with ya brother.
  9. The GOP is afraid of Trump...therefore I'm for him. He hates political correctness as I do, because political correctness is to the 1st amendment, what gun control is to the 2nd. Go Trump!
  10. Bottom line...These people are the Democrats "Useful Idiots". They've been brainwashed by the left, they've been used by the left and they are now too stupid to escape the left. I've lost any hope for them to wake up and realize the left has been brainwashing and screwing them for decades. As Marcus Aurelius said..There are none so blind, as those that will not see.
  11. Prayers up for your daughter's speedy recovery Texstorm.
  12. Now that's The Ultimate Dream Team...throw in Judge Napolitano for the supreme Court and we're good as gold.
  13. If they start trying that crap in Texas, because of Muslim pricks...we should hit the streets in full force, locked and loaded, no holds barred. Not cowaring in our homes afraid of these pukes, nor the NWO chumps. We can't let them "condition" us. Better to be on the prow, than cowaring as the prey, as I...ok just made up. lol
  14. She lost does every idiot that brings up a rare instance of a nut case like the Uni-bomber, Timothy McVeigh and other lone actors that happen to be this or that. The problem with Muslims is, it isn't just a nut job Muslim every few years doing something stupid. There are thousands of the f'kers trying to kill us in the name of there religion. That's a big f'n difference to use potty mouth Joe's words.
  15. I'm not afraid of those fkers, what I am afraid of is what more insanity will come from this pathological, psychotic, idiotic, Muslim pResident in his last year, to finish off America.
  16. The one man that has totally ruined America is a Muslim.
  17. Headline says..."New ISIS Video Vows To Blow Up White House". Just because they're now trying to garner our support, doesn't mean we should trust the bastard/b!thes to do us any favors and stop there. Don't fall for it...they lie like their brother Imam Obama.
  18. Don't know 'bout y'all, but the Parrots I've seen have big peckers...bigger than Woody Wood Peckers...of course they curve down more...but that just proves gravity sucks. The bigger they are the harder they..............never
  19. I guess Liberals will stay stupid until the end of time and keep spouting the same Liberal talking points to eternity. McVeigh was AGNOSTIC, NOT CHRISTIAN. Stop with the Libtard ignorance. Get an education somewhere other than NBC.
  20. Trump/Cruz 2016... I would vote for them. Get this country back on track, quick, fast and in a hurry!
  21. The pResident "Bagdad Barrack" is importing his "army, just as big, just as well funded as the American military". IMPEACH Imam Obamalama before it's too late...oh may already be too late. Be well prepared and vigilant. Carry at all times and don't hesitate when the time comes. Take cover behind a Liberal if possible, you'll know if a Liberal is around...they'll be the one trying to sweet talk a terrorist to death or they'll be peeing on themselves.
  22. My Mom always said..."Don't look at a glass as half full or half empty...look at it as all your gonna get."
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