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  1. Note: This relates to a post made yesterday, "Hafiz to Aziz."
  2. Aziz to Hafiz: Your picture of the 1/4 dinar note seems to be quite like the one from 1971— but with a metallic strip added onto it. Have you got one yet, to hold in your hot hands? Please let me know. Meanwhile your idea for your new pillow seems quite good, stuffed with 40,000 quarter-dinar notes. Soon you will see: That’s a $40,000 pillow you very nearly bought! An expensive place to lay your head. Do you remember seven years ago, the hundred ounces of silver you went with me to buy — at $7 each? Last month I dug them up from beneath the courtyard’s rock — and I sold it all. Then I bought dinars. Do you call me an old fool? But why? My $700 savings became $4000 for my wait, even better than I’d hoped it might. That’s four million dinars for my pillow case! I did not do this earlier, knowing the UN sanctions must be gone — which finally came the end of June. Now Iraq is free; now it can begin. The currency shall have value one day soon, just as it had before the occupation came. Has it not been promised us that this shall be? No new pillows, not for you and me. And no more 10,000 dinar dinners down at the café, which as you know I love so well. Ha! A $30,000 leg of lamb? I don’t think so. No. Let the lamb live. I’ll have dolmas and a little pomegranate juice at home. And meanwhile dream of what we’ll do, you and I and all our friends, and not so long from now. Such a fine dream you’re sure to have, Hafiz, your head on your $40,000 pillow’s case! Ever your friend, Aziz
  3. New correspondence from Hafiz to Aziz: Greetings from Baghdad my brother Aziz! Something wonderful has happened that will make you laugh and loudly (lal): The Bank of Iraq of the most Central has produced small bank notes of a sort never seen before --- including, are you ready for this? --- a bank note for a quarter (1/4) of one dinar! Is it not wonderful and strange? To see it use this link: Nicely done, but of what use is it? 1/40th of a U.S. cent. I would not bend over to extract it from the street. Then it came to me just what to do! I have a 10,000 dinar note I was going to use to purchase a new pillow for my bed. But instead I will turn the 10,000 note in for 40,000 of the new quarter dinar notes — and stuff them into my pillow case! Maybe a little camel fur on top, for comfort’s sake. More soon. Your brother Hafiz.
  4. Howdy. I bought 1,700,000 VN Dong for $100. I saw somewhere it might go to $1.90. Is that per dong? Does that turn my $100 potentially into $3 million or so? It seems a bit much to hope. For the same $100 I can purchase 100,000 IQD, which at $3.50 would be 350,000 USD. I have no info on the dong other than that the people in VN don't have much confidence in it, apparently. Could someone give me a bit of an education please, briefly? Many thanks!
  5. RVD4Family, now you have me confused. Help me here. You say: "This is what the CBI does . . . RV the exchange rate from .00085 to 1.0 "Remove the larger notes from circulation for use in bank to bank and other large transactions leaving the 50, 250, and possibly the 500 as the largest denominations in circulation. So, the currency will look like this "25,000 dinar note (current in use, removed and destroyed over time, or used for bank to bank and large transaction, but still worth 25,000 dinar)." So . . . If it's still worth 25,000 dinar, and the dinar is RV'd to 1.0 ----- then it's worth 25,000 x 1.0 = 25,000 USD !!!!!!!! Yes ???? Happiness!!!! Are we together on this?
  6. 1. "Saleh noted that until 1980 the Iraqi dinar exchange rate was 1 dinar/$3.3 compared to $1/1,168 dinars now due to hyperinflation that occurred during the latter part of the late ousted leader Saddam Hussein's reign." The above statement seems to imply that as they get "inflation" under control (once out from under UN sanctions, etc.), the value of the dinar will move toward what it was before --- and at any rate go up to something more. Possibly 1 dinar to equal $3.3. 2. Saying the 25,000 bill will become 25 --- if there is an RV to $3.3, even eventually, this implies the 25 will have the buying power of $83,000. Well . . . there is a lot of oil under there . . . even so this boggles the mind.
  7. Lest we forget . . . The taxation authorities hope the RV will be a HIGH rate so the event will create good revenues. Low won't do the job.
  8. So Dinark --- Help me here. If you don't think the US will recoup or benefit from the dinar RV, why do you own dinars (if you do)?
  9. I remember reading a report that Iraq NEEDS the dinars to be bought abroad for now in order to bring in working capital --- since the money available from the oil is restricted in various ways. Obviously they will need to absorb it; but for now it is useful to have it bought.
  10. This is how I see it: The IQD has already been re-valued on the street in Iraq by 100%. Quite positive! I went to the site listed on this post and found this paragraph: Here’s an interesting tidbit. What most people do not know, but for the longest time, Iraqi merchants have already removed three zeros from prices of their goods inside their stores. For example, a can of coke in Iraq will cost you approximately 500 dinar. They now remove the two zero’s and the selling price is .50 usd. However, If you give an Iraqi merchant a $ 1.00 usd the Iraqi merchant will not give you back any change. They will keep your one dollar for the purchase of the can of coke. That’s just a policy they’ve seemed to be doing for awhile now. So . . . A can of coke goes for 500 IQD or 50 cents US (about 50 cents to buy 500 IQD, right?). But they are selling the coke for $1, since they don't offer the 50 cents change. Hence, the coke = 500 IQD = one dollar! That's an on the street RV of 100%. Thank you for this positive post!
  11. This abiotic (non-life-related?) oil may be okay for the Ruskies, I reckon. But can't compare to that mightily sweet, light, marvelously BIOTIC oil just beneath the sand of a certain place I've heard about, if you know what I mean.
  12. I bought a friend some dinars at the same time I bought my own. What am I to provide her in terms of receipt, etc., for tax time? Any instruction would be appreciated. I am new so please excuse if this has been answered before.
  13. How did Soros get the leverage to make his billion, buying the Kuwaiti dinar at 5 cents --- subsequently to over $3 ??? I doubt he bought a closet full of currency. Anyone out there know, please?
  14. The dollar has been going down steadily against all the other currencies, down from 80 the last few months to the 72's. But the last few days it has come up and the other currencies are way down from their highs. Is it a sign of the coming RV? Could be. I am looking for a turn around then, for the dollar to spring up as the RV happens, since the dollar will then be backed by something, yes? Only the elite know "the day and the hour" --- sorry if that allusion offends, it's not meant to --- and the dollar will rise to make them billions as they get under it. Perhaps they know it's soon. Even if that's all they know, it would make the dollar rise.
  15. Because if it did come out at a low rate like I stated above then global investors would suddenly buy-up all the remaining Dinar that was available once it became a tradable currency and this would in turn hurt the economy of Iraq on a big scale in many areas. Okay, I'm a bit slow on this. Could you please explain how this would hurt the economy of Iraq, to have the currency be bought up? I thought everyone wanting to sell your currency would be the negative situation. I am eager to agree with your idea otherwise. Thank you.
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