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  1. Thank you for post Iraq Millionaire .... Great read for sure. I'm ready!
  2. GREAT POST ALEX! Thank you! RV Already!
  3. My sincere thanks for serving our country in such far away land. God bless you FLBOY! RV Baby!
  4. And you got their meeting agenda from where? Would like a link on that! Sounds to good to be true... just say'en.
  5. My exact thoughts! Wikipedia is not a source anyone should use as reference!
  6. Excellent find... Bravo! Thank you! Go RV!
  7. No 'news' here.... same website as always. No changes.... so your point it?????
  8. Thanks Pro ... Now that's what I'm talk'en about. Real news! Great find! Muchas Gracias! RV Already!
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